Top 10 reasons to make a luxury condo in Pattaya your home

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Let’s move to Pattaya! Drawn by its colorful culture, comfortable climate, low cost-of-living, friendly locals, fantastic beaches, ample entertainment facilities and spectacular food, there are a lot of good reasons that people flock to this seaside city every year. Whether you choose to live in a luxury condo in Pattaya City or pool villa in Jomtien, you won’t find it hard to locate your slice of paradise in this vibrant and eclectic seaside town.

If you’re still not convinced to move here, let us persuade you with our Top Ten Reasons to make Pattaya your ‘home away from home’ in the Land of Smiles.

  1. Flexibility

If you’re a frequent visitor to Thailand, you’re probably already aware of the country’s myriad of visa and immigration rules and regulations. Don’t be put off from moving here permanently; there are lots of different visas for living and working in Thailand. Firstly, there’s the Retirement Visa, which allows people over 50 to live in Thailand if they have a minimum monthly income. Otherwise, you can get a Non-B Business visa if you open a Thai company and employ local staff.

  1. Culture

There are plenty of ways people describe Thai people – polite, fun-loving, respectful. The culture is a rich blend of influences and traditions, including ancient religions, past civilizations and varying cultures (Malay, Chinese, Burmese, etc.). And overriding all that is a ‘mai pen rai’ (it doesn’t matter) attitude to life. It is perhaps that last one in particular that makes this country such an appealing travel destination.

  1. Weather

Thailand avoids excesses when it comes to weather. The ‘norm’ is hot and humid, around 30° (not usually more than 35°). Winds are typically light to moderate, and there are no tornadoes, hurricanes or cyclones. Rains can be quite heavy during the annual Monsoon Season, but it’s bursts are usually brief. Don’t get us wrong, the city is hot; that’s why there is ample air-con blasting at all indoor spots, all year-round.

  1. Food

No list of reasons to love Pattaya would be complete without mentioning food, a local preoccupation. It’s pretty hard to find anyone who doesn’t get excited by Thai food, with its vast array of spicy, pungent, exotic, sweet and sour flavours. From fine dining to street food, every part of the city offers a mouth-watering array of dishes from around the Kingdom. And for those craving, a taste of home, many Western restaurants – Italian, Swedish, Middle Eastern, Indian, Irish, etc. – abound too.

  1. Choice

You can choose to live downtown, amongst all the action in a snug apartment. Or perhaps out in the suburbs, in a large house within a secure and friendly gated community. Maybe you opt for a lofty condo in a high-rise building overlooking the waves of Jomtien Beach. The point is, no matter which way your tastes and budgets lean, towards a luxury condo in Pattaya or a simple suburban shack, you can find the right abode for your lifestyle and needs.

  1. Safety

Even though road deaths are horrendous and there are scams and pickpockets to be avoided, generally speaking Thailand is a safe place to live. In general, walking around the streets of Pattaya should be considered as safe as anywhere else in the world. If you’re guided by common sense, especially late at night, you should be able to feel quite safe living in or around Pattaya.

  1. Love

There is no denying that many have traveled to the Land of Smiles to find themselves ‘someone special’. Indeed, it’s been happening as far back as WW2, when Pattaya was a hotspot for Vietnam War soldiers on leave. Beyond the city’s enduring reputation as ‘Sin City’, the town can offer foreigners the chance to meet lovely local men and women and form long-lasting relationships of mutual respect and love.

  1. Entertainment

From go-go bars and tropical gardens to awe-inspiring monuments and tiger parks, there isn’t much you can see, do and experience in Pattaya. If you love mellow, you will enjoy wandering deserted beaches and visiting temples. If you like loud, you’ll love checking out a cabaret show and wandering along Walking Street. No matter your tastes, there is something to keep you occupied day and night in Pattaya.

  1. Nam Jai

Ask anyone, and they will agree that Thai people are some of the most friendly and kind-hearted that you’re ever likely to meet. There is indeed a good reason that the country is called the ‘Land of Smiles’. This is mostly rooted in their deep belief in the notion of Nam Jai (which means ‘water of the heart’). This fundamental philosophy means that a person is most happy when making sacrifices for friends and extending hospitality to strangers.

  1. Festivals

From wet‘n’wild Songkran (Thai New Year) to serene Loy Krathong, delicious Chinese New Year and outrageous Gay Pride, there are many and varied festivals that take place annually in the Land of Smiles. Thailand takes its rich cultural herniate very seriously and celebrates all the different cultures that have made their home in the Kingdom. They’ve even adopted Halloween, Christmas and Easter too!

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