Top 10 feel-good flowers

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There are many reasons why people keep flowers in their homes. Some do it to add a splash of colour to the space, others because they love the smell of flowers in the air. One thing that most people do not know is that flowers do more than make your room look and smell beautiful. Flowers can, and do affect your mood.

One way in which they help with your mood is through the simple fact that flowers take in carbon dioxide. As they do this, they clear away the toxins in the air and so purify the air for us. We are then able to breathe in highly purified air. Because the air we breathe in is fresher, our cells are properly fed making them function better.

Psychologists say that whether yours is a small apartment or a large mansion, when you introduce flowers into your home, you will notice that you will start to feel happier and more relaxed.


Most people know rosemary as that fresh smelling flower that keeps the flies at bay or that is used for flavouring your food, but it has a much more important role in your room.

Rosemary is believed to have a number of health benefits. These include memory enhancing and so lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s. Rosemary also greatly helps to improve your mood.


Geraniums are happy looking flowers. They come in a variety of vibrant colours and the sight of them is enough to make you feel happy. Its gentle scent helps calm you down and gives you peace of mind.


Just like the geranium, the rose has its own chemical scent that produces a calming effect. This flower can even be used in a bridal bouquet as flower shops sell them regularly. The bride-to-be is usually a bundle of nerves on her wedding day so having some roses next to her most of the time will keep her looking and feeling calm.

Another interesting fact about the rose is that some people say that just by looking at roses, you can end up feeling more relaxed.

Lily of the Valley 

Because people are able to link the delicate white flowers of this plant with some happy memories, they are ready to proclaim that the flower has a positively happy effect on their mood.

There is a study that was conducted that records the outcome of some people who encountered the Lily of the valley. From the expressions on their faces, the garden expert conducting the study was able to observe the people’s uplifted reactions.


The orchid is a grand flower that lends an air of sophistication to the room. It is no wonder then, that this flower also has the ability to help you experience peace.

The flower blooms all year round so even in the winter months when everything is bleak, the orchid is there projecting its calm and joy to you.


When you are feeling restless and anxious, it helps to have some lavender flowers near you. This is because lavender is believed to have the power to calm you down.


Basil is both an herb and a mood enhancer. It is known to make those around it feel happy. It is believed that this happens due to the linalool, a compound found in the plant. Amazingly, this compound is also found in the marijuana plant.

English Ivy 

This is another natural air purifier. Because the English Ivy makes the air more friendly, one is able to breathe a lot better and the amount of oxygen that you take in with every breath has a more healthy, wholesome effect.

Peace Lily 

Many people spend most of their day indoors so it would not be a bad idea to bring some flowers, especially the peace lily into their home.

As its name suggests, the peace lily will help calm your mind by removing mould from the air. It works as a natural air purifier.

Boston Fern 

The Boston fern has many endearing factors. It is great to look at with its inviting green leaves, but its greatest quality is its ability to clear away up to 1,863 toxins from the air in every hour.

With air which is that pure, your body simply moves into a relaxed state, giving you well deserved peace of mind.

Kansas State University conducted a study to see how people who were sick in their hospital beds responded to flowers. Patients with flowers in their rooms were seen to recover faster and seemed much happier.

Now that you are aware of the additional beneficial role certain flowers play in your life, you will now look at flowers with renewed respect, and will look for those flowers that will make you feel good.

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