Tony Wright: Enemies within and enemies without

We just commemorated the 10th anniversary of 9/11 two Sundays ago, and our president “tips his hat” and tries to travel the country “selling” a “jobs package”!

That’s a job for the private sector, not the federal government.  We have a federal deficit of over $14.5 trillion!  Does anybody realize what a chunk of change that is?  Mr. Obama said, “The rich need to pay more of their income [their fair share].”  Does anyone want to check into the factual data, because I believe the top 2 percent of income earners pay well over 50 percent of the taxes paid, yet Obama says they need to “pay their fair share.”

If my calculations are right they’re paying more than their fair share. But we have”enemies in the gates” running and ruining our once great nation!

I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this,but when Bush left office unemployment of 7.6 percent was high, since Obama took office unemployment was 9.5 percent. When Bush left officethe debt was $ 9.8 trillion, since Obama took office it’s $ 14.5 trillion! By the way, it was not was not all because of “Republican opposition!” but our  Commander-in-Chief, who wants to take more from those who have made it by their ingenuity, hard work, and their own intellect; i.e. look at Bill Gates & Ted Turner! They don’t even work, just hire thousands of others to do their own job, being hired by companies these men created, and that’s just two examples.

That’s not how this became themost prosperous nation ever, nor will evoke people to try to improve their own life, and we’ll startto decline and become stagnant and die!

Letter from Tony Wright/Waynesboro, Va.


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