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Today in TrumpWorld: Brooks Brothers Riot Redux?

Photo Credit: zimmytws

The staged “protest” of an impeachment hearing today has an oddly familiar stench.

Think back to the staged Brooks Brothers Riot of 2000, where a group of paid Bush campaign stooges protested the Miami-Dade recount.


The stooges came back to mind after a group of idiot Republican congressmen paraded into a secure room to disrupt the planned testimony of a top Pentagon official.

They claimed to be raising issue with … whatever.

Doesn’t matter what they said they were protesting.

The Brooks Brothers Riot wasn’t about the fairness of the recount. It was an effort to stop the recount, and to that end, it was a success.

Today’s nonsense is a pathetic effort by Trump stooges to put an end to the investigation of the president.

At least the Brooks Brothers goofs got paid for their efforts.

Oh, right, these are congressmen we’re talking about here. They mooch off the taxpayers while pretending to hate government until they can retire to whore out their knowledge of the inner workings of said government to the highest corporate bidders.

America. Ain’t it great.

Column by Chris Graham

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