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Today in TrumpWorld: Baghdadi was all about Trump at the World Series

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Think back to Thursday: when you first heard that President Trump was planning to attend the World Series on Sunday.

When you first heard about it, you were thinking: he wants to be there for a clincher, if the Nats get to that stage.

Because you’re thinking to yourself: Trump wants to make that moment all about him.

But, you were wrong.

Well, not about him wanting to make the World Series about him.

You were right about that part, easy as it is to make that assumption.

But, no, it wasn’t about making a possible clincher about him.

As if he even has a clue about what’s going on in the 2019 World Series.

He’s not even completely aware that the World Series is about baseball.


No, what was going on, the mission to capture or kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was well under way, and assuming all went well, Trump would have news to share with the world, either on Saturday or Sunday.

Didn’t matter if the Nats lost the first two games of the Series. In fact, it would get in the way if Washington had clinched on Saturday.

Trump tweeted late Saturday that he had big news to share on Sunday morning. At 9 a.m. Sunday, he shared the details of Baghdadi’s death.

Sunday night, then, Trump assumed his appearance at Nats Park would be a victory lap.

Then, this happened.

Ungrateful scum, right?

And how about that coordination from the Nats Park video department, putting him on the big screen during the fourth inning salute to veterans, trying to give him as much insulation as possible.

Which means: could have been worse.

Well, OK …

It didn’t go well, no.

But, funny thing here: even Trump’s Russian handlers are saying Baghdadi’s death has “absolutely no operational significance” to the situation in Syria.

Hard to figure how something Trump touched turned into dogshit.


Column by Chris Graham

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