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Today in Trump: Climate change ‘niche,’ hurricanes nuked

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President Trump blew off a meeting on climate change at the G7 summit today.

The reason: come on, you know already.

The world is burning, literally. We’re coming off the hottest month on record, the Amazon is on fire, but the Trump team complained at the scheduling of a meeting on climate change, calling it a niche issue.

Meanwhile, our stable genius president has, for several months now, asked staffers in briefings why we don’t just detonate nuclear bombs in the middle of hurricanes to, you know, nuke them.

Staffers have tried to walk around this one by trying to sell reporters on the notion that, hey, he’s trying to mitigate damage from hurricanes on U.S. communities, which, no, he isn’t.

Everything he knows about science, he learned from watching SyFy.

This from a guy whose negotiating prowess got a verbal agreement for him to play the president in “Sharknado 3” nixed, in favor of actual billionaire Mark Cuban, who was the producers’ third choice.

(Trump was second, after Sarah Palin.)

We deserve the hell on earth that we’ve created for ourselves.

Column by Chris Graham

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