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Why is TNA running more high-school gyms? Here’s why

tnaTNA will be in three arenas in West Virginia this weekend, but of late the company has been running more than its fair share of shows in middle- and high-school gyms. Why, you may ask?

A report in Wrestling Observer may have the answer. According to the report, TNA is having trouble at some of its bigger arena house shows making enough money to pay for the rental of the building, which is of course a big issue when you consider that not even paying the rent from the house means you’re not paying the wrestlers or setup crew, much less making any profit, from the show.

The Wrestling Observer report cited a specific show at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa., in December, where TNA didn’t draw enough in ticket sales and merchandise to pay the $15,000 rental fee.

Reports from house shows in Tennessee and the Midwest in recent weeks have drawn small crowds in the 400-600 range.

The good thing about scheduling shows in middle- and high-school gyms is that school gyms are much less expensive than bigger arenas that can cost $15,000 and up.

The bad thing about having to schedule house shows in school gyms is that it doesn’t look good on a TV company to have to resort to small gyms, and worse when you don’t then sell out said smaller gym.

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