Tips to consider before buying CBD hemp flower

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CBD products come in various forms – gummies, capsules, tinctures, topical, and hemp flowers. But of all these forms, none is as rich in flavors and therapeutic benefits as hemp flowers.

Why? Because hemp flower doesn’t go through any extraction or manufacturing tampering.

It contains the full spectrum of hemp’s cannabinoids as well as its terpenes, flavonoids, and all sorts of therapeutic juices. Unlike other CBD products that go through series of extraction processes, hemp flowers are made simply by harvesting fully dried buds from the hemp plant.

Unfortunately, buying hemp flowers is harder than buying normal CBD products. It involves a lot of consideration.

Below are five of the most important things you need to look out for when buying hemp flowers.

Consider the CBD strain

For those who don’t know, the hemp plant exists in three major strains – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid (a blend of Indica and Sativa).

When buying CBD flower, you need to find out which strain is contained in the product you’re choosing. This is important because different hemp strains possess different characteristics. And as such, they exhibit different effects on the body.

For example, Indica strains are known to be sedative and relaxing. Meaning they’re best taken when you need to rest.

Best taken? After working hours in the evening.

On the other hand, Sativa strains are energizing and uplifting, which means they’re best for lifting your mood, energy levels, and focus.

Best taken? Before going to work in the morning.

In contrast, Hybrids exhibit a mixture of both worlds. Meaning they can be relaxing or energizing.

How to know what strain is the product you’re buying? Just check the label name on the pack of the product and Google search the family. For example, if you’re buying a Hawaiian Haze hemp flower from Pure Hemp Farms, a simple Google search will tell you it’s a Sativa strain flower.

Consider the CBD and THC content

You want to know the amount of CBD and THC present in the product you’re getting.

This is important for two reasons.

Firstly, knowing the CBD content helps you understand the potency of the product. If the product contains 3 to 10 percent of CBD, expect mild CBD effects; if it contains 15 to 19 percent of CBD, expect strong CBD effects; but if it contains above 20 percent of CBD, expect the best results for any condition you’re trying to use it for. Take Sour Diesel, for example; it contains 29% CBD and boasts fast-acting and energizing properties.

Secondly, knowing the THC content helps you understand the legality of the product. In most US states, only 0.3 percent-THC hemp flowers are legal. If you’re buying a hemp flower product, you have to ensure you’re getting one that contains a max of .3 THC.

By the way, Pure Hemp Farms is a good place to get such hemp flowers.

Consider the reputation of the hemp flower brand

Hemp flowers are supposed to come from naturally-grown hemp plants. Unfortunately, not all companies play by the rules. I’m sure you understand why.

Anyways, you don’t want to patronize these kinds of brands. Your hemp flower needs to come from an abiding company, as that’s the only way to guarantee the hemp flower’s quality.

The best way to verify a hemp flower brand’s reputation is to check the company’s website for a COA (Certificate of Analysis). This will help you understand the company’s transparency and attention to detail.

Another idea is to check online reviews. You can check major review websites, contact your friends, or read what people say about the brand on social media.

Story by Uday Tank

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