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Tips for starting an after-school art and craft club

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Are you a talented artist or crafter? Are you looking to earn some extra money from the comfort of your own home? Think about passing your creative skills onto school children and start a group. Here are some tips on how to start an afterschool art and craft club.

Blank canvas

For your venue, you will need a space that you don’t mind getting messy, especially if you plan on having your children create projects with paint, glitter, and glue. Create an area in your home with wipeable walls and easy-to-clean floors made of a durable material such as vinyl, wood, or laminate.

You could teach out in your garden on dry days and use the wildlife as inspiration for paintings and drawings.

If your home really isn’t suitable for use as a club location, find out the costs involved to hire a room in a local venue

Tools of the trade

A large table is an essential item with enough room for all your students to sit around. If the table isn’t wipeable, protect it with a plastic tablecloth.

Storage for your students’ personal items and artwork is needed, and it’s advisable to invest in a set of drawers or classroom mailboxes. You can assign each child a box and label it with their name. Any spare boxes can be used to store paper and other flat materials.

Art and craft materials will probably be your most significant expense. If you have a plan each week of what you will be doing, you can plan accordingly and avoid over-buying.  Look for supplies in discount stores and online sales. Plan your activities around what you have bought, rather than having to stock up for one idea.

If you have young children as clients, invest in lockable storage cabinets for items such as paint and utensils like sharp scissors and craft knives. Overalls are an excellent investment to keep your children clean and their parents happy.

Eye-catching display

Once you have your venue and your equipment, you are good to go and need to look for clients.

Ask the local school if you could advertise through them and arrange for flyers to be sent home in school bags. The art teachers might be able to identify which kids would benefit from an afterschool class or which ones would find it rewarding. Hopefully, parents will spread the good word, and you will have kids knocking at your door.

Advertising in the local newspaper or setting up a social media page dedicated to your club will help attract customers.  On your website or social media page, you could give customers the heads-up by explaining what you will be teaching each week, and they can get some ideas together for their creations.

The serious bit

Remember that running a business from your house and looking after children is governed by strict guidelines. Ensure you are up to date with laws, read all relevant materials, apply for licenses, and ensure your home is safe for children.