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Tips for social media marketing during quarantine

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In 2020 humanity battles a new threat. Coronavirus is a tragedy that has hit us in every single sphere of daily life. And so it brings our attention back to virtual life, to social media channels along with likes and followers, thus starting the new spiral of social culture. Never before people were consuming online content like that. With the danger that it bears, COVID-19 also gives us a giant push to innovations in social media.

New reality to discover

This is not the first worldwide quarantine the humankind meets. In history, we know a few cases like that, e.g. Spanish flu, which was the closest to our time outbreak of a disease. But then people didn’t have such technology to help them cope with isolation, despair, and a certain economic crisis.

But this time we have just a perfect tool to keep calm and carry on. Although this virus is a serious threat to our health, we have achieved the possibility to develop online. And possibility to connect with society with the help of social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. That statement suits business, brands, lifestyle blogs, workshops, etc.

A good time to show yourself

Everyone is rediscovering the Internet. The digital and real worlds as we know them are collapsed. And now brands, big and small businesses, popular bloggers and beginners are digging in the depths of Social Media Marketing.

The Internet today has so many places to develop your blog experience, increase followers and get likes on Instagram, or YouTube, for example.

Let’s find out how to keep up your social media with the upcoming new era of online!

Let’s get it started

Have you always wanted to start a blog and were waiting for the right moment? Here it is. It is time to form your point of view and present it to the world:

  • Work on your image in your social media, and make sure everything in there is corresponding to your plans;
  • Begin producing content. At this stage, the camera on your smartphone and simple editing software will do;
  • Plan your promotion. To boost up faster, you can use some paid services. There is no need to go big at once. For starters, on this page you can buy 500 likes, which is perfectly enough for the first leap.
  • Don’t forget to collaborate and communicate: share your experience and emotions, buy Instagram likes fast, for example, use group challenges and interactive games to keep the good mood amid your auditory of followers.

What should I do if I have a business in Instagram?

In the circumstances given, the global community wants to see unity and collaboration in every sphere of social and economic life. In years of its existence, Instagram has turned the tracks of business in another direction. Coronavirus outbreak is now pushing that to the limit. Lots of followers and potential customers are there, lurking online. And the ones, who can handle the new era of online shopping, whatever big or whatever small they are, will get to the top.

The key to do that is collaborating, empathizing and using all the impact you have as a brand to receive orders, get Instagram likes, views and new subscribers.

Communicate with your followers. Show that you intend to help the world to fight the crisis.

Go with the flow

The topic of the coronavirus outbreak has taken over the internet, especially social media channels. Everyone is speaking of it now. It is natural to catch up with it. You can show to your followers the situation around the place where you live. But don’t make it worse by spreading the information you are not sure about! The consequences of that could be dire.

When posting about COVID-19 to encourage your followers and get likes fast, remember a few things:

  • Choose carefully and check on the information you are about to share;
  • Focus on good news and deeds that you have heard of, seen or taken part in;
  • Stay objective and be respectful when translating your personal opinion;
  • Try to give your followers as much comfort and hope as it is possible. These days people seek it the most;
  • Do not dive any medical advice unless you are currently involved in the medical industry;
  • Be a good example to your followers and stick to the main trend of spring 2020 – wash your hands!

It’s so good to be home

Authorities around the globe encourage us to stay at home. Make a new trend out of it! That’s a perfect time to improve and share with followers your daily routine. They have plenty of time to put likes on your Instagram posts. It is also important to stay optimistic and friendly. You can say that your content is running to an end. Think of any fun activity for you and your subscribers. Get creative – new pajamas are ready for Home Fashion week!

Or you can turn your daily activity like cleaning the wardrobe into fun interactive challenges with your subscribers.

Staying at home helps you to look at things from the other side and revalue important things. Many people now are feeling anxious and stressed, so cozy and warm home stories or posts that demonstrate good deeds can help them to find comfort. And you can easily understand how to get 500 likes on Instagram as a minimum.

Teach and learn

In the days of isolation people are bereft of cinemas, bars or sports complexes. And they choose to invest their unexpected free time in education. So it’s definitely the right moment to get some attention to your skills. Invest your time in studying. For example, take some SEO lessons, SMM strategy courses and see how much better you can manage your blog and Instagram account or another social media profile. Engage your followers to learn new things with you, try to involve them in different activities, launch new challenges or share your experience to get likes.

You could also become a teacher yourself if you have any special knowledge or skills.

How to stay productive during the quarantine

Coronavirus pandemic has shaken all the world and caused a massive social distancing. You can suffer from social deprivation, thus your blog, Instagram and other social media accounts will be impacted by that and producing content may seem hard. Here are some tips to keep yourself productive:

  • Maintain your daily routine, even though your lifestyle is changed because of the lockdown.
  • Look through your social media content plans and adjust them according to new obstacles
  • Find inspiration from other bloggers, movies and books, etc.
  • Let yourself have more free time and relaxation
  • Wash your hands and stay at home!