Tips for choosing the right cherry picker

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If you have errands or tasks that are way above you, in the literal sense, you will be facing the problem of having to levitate yourself. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. The use of ladders is one of the easiest ways to reach greater heights. However, the higher the vertical distance from the ground level, the less safe the use of ladders becomes. Scaffolding, on the other hand, is a highly secure way of supplementing your reach, but it is too elaborate for non-construction-related activities. If ladders and scaffolding are no match to your situation’s needs, you might want to get to know more about a cherry picker.

What is it?

From a fruit-picking tool, the use of cherry picker has been adopted by different industries. It is a mobile elevating work platform that helps in raising and lowering people. It provides temporary access to areas that aren’t usually accessible because of the height difference. Today’s market has a wide array of cherry pickers that you can choose from cherry picker hire companies that make sure there is a product available to fit your requirements. Which leads you to the next question—which cherry picker is right for your needs? There are a few variables that will help you find out.

Vertical height

How much working height do you require? Most cherry pickers are flexible enough to lift you to 40 meters safely. Will you be cleaning the chimney or will you be installing CCTV cameras? The task at hand truly makes a difference.

Horizontal height

This pertains to how far you need your machine to extend sideways, from its turret. More horizontal height is desirable for jobs such as painting and cleaning full windows or glasshouses.

Platform size

The platform will help you carry items that you require to fulfil the task at hand. If you are cleaning, you will need cleaning materials. Having to paint the walls will entail bringing some paint and a roller too. If you are dressing up your house, your décor items will have to go up with you. Having the relevant items beside you will help serve your activity’s purpose.


Sometimes, a task entails having more than one person lifted. To manage the risk of accidents occurring, choosing a cherry picker that can effortlessly accommodate the total weight of the lifting is vital. Make sure you also account for the supplies that you will bring with you for the task.


Cherry pickers are powered either electrically or by diesel. Diesel is usually more expensive, but it gets heavier, and longer lifting jobs done.

Indoor vs outdoor

Cherry pickers that are made for outdoor usage are hazardous to use inside a building or a large house where accidents may occur. Machines that are made for indoor use generally have special features such as non-marking tyres too. Making sure you choose the right machine for your task is vital.

The advent of using cherry pickers to transport and access conveniently and safely helps minimise accidents while maximising efficiency. Safety is still the priority, so make sure you deal only with respectable companies.

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