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Tips and tricks used by top gamers

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Many new players feel extremely uncomfortable when they begin to play a certain game. Their first steps are usually accompanied by studying multiplayer modes, weapons, maps, armor, etc. Sometimes, it becomes very confusing because the developers of the games continue to release the new updates, which makes it more difficult to study the gameplay. It means that most of the old tricks don’t work: from the way you handle weapons to the actions on the maps. Therefore, it is always necessary to learn from the secrets of top gamers. Today, we invite you to study useful tips for playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

General multiplayer recommendations

The maps and dynamics of the new Modern Warfare are created with an emphasis on tactics. The game is very different from what could be seen in previous projects of the CoD series. Therefore, if you have an opportunity to buy Damascus camo or any other weapon – it will be very helpful. Besides, top gamers recommend using the following tips.

1) Learn how to use a compass and mini-map

Defining the location of enemies is the key element of success. It makes you always prepared for a sudden shooting. The developers decided to split the previously familiar mini-map, shifting some of the information to the compass. The compass can be used to determine the direction of enemy shots.

2) Carefully use the audio information

The developer likes bringing new “tactical” elements to their games. The sounds of your footsteps will be quite hearable. Players also love to talk, revealing the position of enemies. These messages are also available to the opponent team.

3) Use different weapon for different game modes and locations

In 2019 Modern Warfare, you can choose various locations. Sometimes, it will be more effective to use a shotgun, while sometimes – a rifle. Smoke bombs can be used to capture objects, and heart rate sensors can be used in single-death modes. By making different sets of equipment, it is possible to increase your efficiency and usefulness for the team.

4) Use the in-game class change

One of the most exciting features in MW 2019 is the instant class change. You can replace your rifle’s scope or change the grenade for something more suitable. Try to make the most of this opportunity. If there are many mines in the enemy team – use the Minesweeper and Observer abilities, and decrease the number of your sudden deaths significantly.

5) Explore the weapon modification system

MW 2019 provides a cool modification system that allows you to customize your weapon. Consider the pros and cons carefully when choosing mods and select those that enhance your game style.

Finally, if you are a novice player – share your impressions after implementing these tips. Enjoy the game.

Story by Alexandra Griffin

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