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Timesheets: Advantages and the best alternative to the traditional kind

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Timesheets are presented in the form of tables in which employees can fill in the time they spend on tasks. With complete transparency regarding workload and timing, the project partner can deduce and compare actual vs. planned effort, avoiding unwanted surprises connected to unrealistic deadlines. A business can accelerate its work- process and save considerable time while restricting unneeded effort by the employees.

As a project leader, there is constant concern about project turnovers, employee punctuality, and restricting deadlines. Tasks such as monitoring the payroll process, tracking employee-working hours, estimating aspects of a project, are taken care of with the use of a timesheet while eradicating ambiguity and unreliability.

Identify the time required for each task

The time taken to complete a task is not always easily quantifiable as sometimes several collaborators concentrate on a single activity.

With a timesheet, the employee punches in the amount of time taken to complete a task, wherein the sum of the hours is calculated and provides clarity, which subsequently improves productivity.

While helping weed out the tasks that take longer than needed, timesheets give you panoramic insight into wastage of labor and requisition in optimizing tasks.

Managerial control is simplified while employee productivity is maximized with an all-encompassing view of time requirements, helping you not only plan better but also excel at future projects.

An estimate for resource requirements

By retaining daily timesheets, it enhances a project head’s ability to forecast resource requirements. A business owner can perform an extensive analysis into the pattern of usage in past projects, which consequently makes acquirement for similar projects easier. By making resources available beforehand, it increases the ease of progress. A time sheet also allows transparency with ongoing projects by presenting a clear picture of necessities thereby allowing proper planning when it comes to acquiring resources creating a non-disruptive method of functioning.

Identify improvement areas

By providing project leaders and business owners with a superior comprehension of the activities employees undertake, a daily time sheet can not only improve the quality of work but also increase productivity. While providing an overview of team tasks, identifying areas for improvement and evaluating skills becomes easier. It not only eradicates distractions but also provides clarity when it comes to evaluating actual effort taken compared to the initial plan. Research has shown that close monitoring allows fewer distractions and increases the yield of work by improving time management.

Keep track of billable hours

Maintenance of a daily timesheet can help you track the number of hours utilized to complete a specific project while identifying the number of billable hours. Companies that tend to outsource specific tasks are protected against overcharging.

This provides transparency with clients as well, allowing them to track dedicated time while presenting itself as proof for the accuracy of billing.

With the usage of traditional timesheet alternatives, information is available in real-time allowing no room for discrepancies. Timesheets online permit Increased transparency and lack of obscurity while intensifying productivity.

With the introduction of a surplus of timesheet apps, Manual employee timesheet templates are losing their ability to compete considering their cost-intensiveness, unreliable data collection, human error, the possibility of time theft, and difficulty of compounding billable hours for remote workers.

Timesheets online allow accurate time tracking, easy setup and usage, and distraction management features along with a host of integrations with popular workplace tools.

Tracktime24 with its ease of use and host of features is the foremost in traditional timesheet alternatives. It presents a myriad of features that eradicate problems faced with manual timesheets such as:

  • Online leave management
  • Identification via QR codes
  • Automatic Clock-Ins & Outs
  • Employees work statuses dealt with
  • Offers Photos and GPS locations
  • Works on Offline mode
  • Business travel management

With tracktime24, you can not only prepare timesheets with a single click but also have them immediately ready for export to payroll apps. With handling timesheets online, tracktime24 allows real-time scrutiny while significantly decreasing managerial stress.

From SMBs and Enterprises, local shops to Fortune 500 enterprises, tracktime24’s workforce management software is customizable to fit any business size.

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