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Time management tips to run a successful small business

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When you first start your journey of running a small business, it’s pretty safe to say that things can get a little on the chaotic side. For one, there’s the excitement of stepping into the new title of entrepreneur, so you probably have all kinds of ideas and pressures floating around in your head. Secondly, there’s so much work to get done: hiring employees, finding vendors, and organizing and keeping track of all your inventory… In the midst of all this, exhaustion is bound to make an appearance… Before you know it, you’ll look up and the day has completely gotten away from you.

So, as a budding entrepreneur, it’s pretty safe to say that the beginning stages of your business will be a little hectic and that time is of the essence. But embracing the hecticness of your business doesn’t necessarily mean that your business will be hectic all the time, nor does it mean that “hectic” is the new norm of running a successful business… In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

In wondering where the day has gone, it’s easy for time to get away from you, but in that instance, can you honestly say that you were using your time efficiently? Were you effectively managing your time?

Probably not, but this is a commonality among new and budding business owners.

Effective time management skills are one of the most important skills you can have as a small business owner because “time is money,” and the more time you’re wasting on nonsensical things, the more money you’re losing out on. But there’s no need to go into panic mode over this… you’ll only waste more of your business’ precious time.

Time management is a skill that can be easily learned and be beneficial to not only your business but also in your personal life, but for now, we’ll just focus on the business side of things.

If you’re a small business owner and you’re constantly finding yourself saying that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the work you need to be done within your business hours, you’re not alone. If you can master the following time management tricks of the trade, you will be well on your way to running a well-oiled and successful business.

Keep an organized workspace

You may not have a problem overlooking clutter at home but when it comes to your business, your work environment plays a major role in just how successful your business will be from a productivity standpoint.

In running your business, your goal is to get as much accomplished as you possibly can but studies reveal that having a cluttered workspace is known to cause feelings of fatigue and depression. On top of that, clutter makes it hard to focus on certain tasks and achieve goals throughout the workday.

Just like everything has a place at home, so does your office space. Everything from filing cabinets to bookshelves, the appearance of your office space is going to determine just how much work you’ll get done for the day, and knowing where everything is will improve your productivity by leaps and bounds.

Having the right tools in place

When it comes to effectively managing your time running your business, you’ll quickly find out that there are several things that take up a lot of your time, especially those repetitive tasks like mass texting for business marketing. From a productivity standpoint, automation is something that will give you back so much time wasted on menial tasks. Simply jot down all the tasks that can easily be put on autopilot and let automation give you the more important aspects of your business to focus on.

The other thing to consider in effectively managing your time is how to make your day-to-day operations run a little more smoothly and efficiently. Ideally, you will need an all-in-one software program that can handle things like inventory management, finances, supply chain, and project management, etc; Essentially, you want a fully-integrated program like JDE software to streamline your business and make your daily operations easy to manage and track.

Plan your workday

Planning ahead is going to play a major role in how much you’re able to get done in a day. If your business operates Monday through Friday, use Sunday evenings to plan your Monday, or even your entire week, but at least start out planning your Monday on a Sunday.

This will allow you to write down the daily goals you want to accomplish for the coming Monday, and whatever you don’t get accomplished, use Monday evening to plan your Tuesday, including the tasks you didn’t get finished on Monday. Follow this same process for the remainder of the week, and prioritize your goals according to level of importance.

By planning your workdays ahead of time, you’ll be able to attack your workday with ferocity and determination, and there’s no greater feeling, as an entrepreneur, than the feeling of accomplishment.

Story by Bilal Sajjad. Sajjad is a full-time writer who loves to write about home improvement, buying and selling new homes and property.

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