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Thursday Observations: AEW ‘Dynamite’ pops big viewer number with no competition from NXT

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The Wednesday Night War is over, and Week 1 of the postwar era was a big success for AEW.

“Dynamite” drew 1.22 million viewers on TNT on Wednesday night, for a show highlighted by a guest appearance from retired boxer Mike Tyson.

WWE’s “NXT,” which moved to Tuesday this week, drew 805,000 viewers in its debut on the new night.

The AEW number is up 77 percent from last week’s show, which also had a guest appearance from Tyson, and drew 688,000 viewers.

The viewer number is the best for the upstart wrestling company since its October 2019 debut, which drew 1.41 million viewers.

Only one other “Dynamite” in 2021 had even surpassed 900,000 viewers – the March 3 show, which featured retired basketball star Shaquille O’Neal in a tag match.

“NXT” was up only marginally – 4.8 percent – from last week, for the “Takeover Night 1” episode that drew 768,000 viewers.

Last week’s show aired on Wednesday head-to-head with “Dynamite.”

Story by Chris Graham

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