Three ways to maximize your sports advertising value with computer vision

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According to a Hookit’s Year in Review Report, advertisers and broadcasters increase their budget on sponsorship deals by 5% yearly without understanding the true value of their marketing efforts.

If you don’t want your sports sponsorship spendings to be a shot in the dark, leverage a data-driven approach. Underpinned by innovative computer vision tech, such a method will allow you to automate the process of choosing the optimal content and platforms for advertising and analyzing the generated ad value.

Intelligent ad placement

With one of computer vision solutions in place, you can thoroughly analyze the video footage of any sports match — scene by scene — and find the optimal place for ad insertions.

For example, if you broadcast football, such an innovative mechanism will help you accurately detect a match’s key moments like scoring chances, goals, fouls, penalties, etc. With this data at hand, you’ll easily avoid interrupting the broadcast at the wrong time, ensuring smooth viewing experiences.

If you want to raise the ante, capitalize on computer vision to adapt your ads to specific context. Provide fans with relevant offers and increase conversions by promoting the products or services related to a particular sports match. That can be fitness apps, clothing and gear, sports clubs, events, and more.

Extensive sponsorship analysis

Computer vision can also be put into good use to automatically detect and recognize logos in branded and user-generated multimedia content — across social media, online video platforms, and other channels.

To wit, you can use this tech to analyze the performance of every Instagram post featuring a sponsored logo, understanding how such exposure contributes to the overall sponsorship deal value. Besides some common quantitative metrics like views, followers, likes, etc., computer vision algorithms will take into account such ad parameters as clarity, visibility, and prominence.

Based on the results of this cutting-edge analysis, you’ll be able to precisely measure ad performance, optimize sponsorship investments, and discover new commercial opportunities.

Enhanced mCommerce experience

Fans are an appreciative audience interested in sports outfits, equipment, and other goods used by athletes or advertised during the event. This represents an underrated commercial opportunity, and computer vision can help you take advantage of it.

Think building a computer vision-powered app that would enable fans to snap any item they noticed on TV or at the stadium, provide detailed information about them, and even compile a list of online and brick-and-mortar shops where these items can be purchased.

By enabling on-the-go mobile shopping, you can not only increase fan engagement, but also get extra profit even before your major sponsorship campaign is completed.

Is computer vision worth it?

It definitely is, with applications like smart ad insertion and adaptation, an advanced sponsorship analysis, and one-click mCommerce. Another perk you gain along the way is a thorough understanding of how your ads pay off across channels as compared to your previous campaigns and those launched by your competitors.

Oksana Mikhalchuk is a technology writer at Oxagile, a New York-based provider of next-gen software engineering solutions around IoT, computer vision, biometrics, and more. Oksana creates content about state-of-art tech opportunities in healthcare, education, entertainment, and manufacturing. You can reach Oksana at or LinkedIn.

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