Three tips from top small business owners on choosing a business solution

The wealth of options when it comes to business solutions in today’s market isn’t always a good thing. While business owners now have more options and the ability to choose a solution that matches their business needs and requirements perfectly, finding the solution to use can be the source of a headache.

Knowing how to pick the solution to use is critical, which is why we spoke to top small business owners in Augusta and surrounding areas to find out more about the solutions they use and how they selected those solutions. Here are some of the tips we discovered.


Understand Your Requirements

Instead of trying to fit the business into the workflow of the software or IT solution, it is actually easier today to find a solution that matches your business’s specific requirements. The best way to get started with your search is by understanding those requirements in the first place.

You only need to look at the objectives you want to achieve and the kind of features that will help streamline the existing workflow of the company to understand your software requirements better. It is also a good idea to take budget into account when shopping for business solutions.

With the basic requirements in mind, it is time to shop for some options. While browsing through the existing solutions, you will also discover features you would like to have and additional functions that can be useful. The experience will further sharpen the business requirements for enterprise software selection.


Consider the Return on Investment

A business software is an investment, so it can – and should – be treated as such. When comparing services and solutions, try to take into account the expected return from using each solution. You can view return on investment (ROI) of a business solution based on the amount of money you can save and the potential increase in revenue to expect from the use of that solution.

ROI isn’t the only metric to use, but it is an objective metric that will help identify the best solution for your business. A solution that brings the highest ROI is usually the one that fits your existing workflow and specific needs perfectly since it makes the most impact when used.



Last but not least, consider the lifespan of the solution before making any purchase decision. Check the customer support for the business software, the update guarantee, and the company behind the solution. The longer you can rely on the solution, the more efficient it will be to switch to that system and integrate it with your workflow.

The last thing you want is a business solution that expires after one year. When the solution expires, you will have to go through the same costly process of searching, finding, and switching to a new business solution. It may even cause disruptions to business operations.

Take these tips and you will be able to find a suitable business solution for your small business more effectively. With the wealth of options currently available, there is no doubt that you will be able to find a software or a solution that perfectly matches your needs as a small business owner.


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