Three reasons people lose personal injury cases

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There are so few reasons people get as passionate, as when they get hurt and wronged. Unfortunately passion, and pain, don’t always come across well in courtrooms, and there’s no way to guarantee you’ll get what you deserve after going through an injury. Only five percent of personal injury cases go to trial- and of those, only 10% of people win what they need.

Instead of wondering ‘what went wrong?’ afterward, consider these factors ahead of time to make sure you don’t lose your case.

Incorrect Information

Everyone’s glued to their phones and computers now, more than ever before.  With continually rotating doors of information, it’s easy to want to feed into your social media and spill information you shouldn’t.  Whether it’s bragging, acting like you’re less hurt than you are- or just foolishly posting when you shouldn’t be, you can put yourself and your case at risk.

On the same line, but not always as easy to manage- public opinion can play a big hand in this game.  Speculation, news coverage, other people tweeting incorrect information- it can all hit you hard.  With competent legal counsel, you can get some of this under control, but unfortunately, it kills a lot of cases.

Lack of Representation

Everyone who knows they’re in the right thinks that they’ll automatically win a court case because of that.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Being correct means you’ll be able to prove the facts with some help: going through it alone is almost always a mistake.  People unfamiliar with the courts can get themselves in deeper legal trouble by going solo.

Consider looking into a lawyer regardless of where you are- from lawyers in NY to personal injury lawyers in MO; you can find help if you want to win a case.  A professional will be able to make sure every step of the legal process is more comfortable for you- while making sure to do everything they can to win the case.  Any case is winnable with the right support system.

Being Too Nice

In most of a person’s life, being nice is one of the best things to be.  It can open doors for you, and make people more likely to find you personable.  Unfortunately, being too friendly or courteous can ruin your chances of winning a lawsuit.

Apologizing, despite you being the victim, may come off as an admission of guilt.  By getting hurt, you’re not inconveniencing anyone, and you’re not in anyone’s way: your only job is to be able to heal and get better.

That guilt, worry of a lawsuit taking too long, or worry about how people will view you can leave you losing a lot of money.  Instead of following through with a trial and getting what they deserve, a lot of people who are ‘too nice’ will settle out of court for far less than they deserve.

Getting legal representation can help with the confidence you lack.  A professional who knows what they’re doing will be able to guide you through common pitfalls and will be on your side the whole way.

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