Three reasons Honey Month is important to Virginia

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesVDACS wants everyone to know that September is Honey Month across the Commonwealth.  Governor Ralph Northam declared September Virginia Honey Month for many reasons. These are VDACS’ top three:

  1. It is the ultimate local agricultural product. Almost every county, town and even city has local beekeepers. While the bees’ main job is pollinating crops, a beneficial and tasty sideline is honey. Some claim that consuming local honey is a good way to prevent or lessen the effect of allergies.
  2. It is a million-dollar business. In 2017, Virginia beekeepers harvested an average of 35 pounds of honey per hive. The value of those products was $1 million.
  3. Honey bees and other pollinators are declining in Virginia. VDACS strives to increase hives by working with beekeepers to establish new hives. An increase in honeybee colonies means more bees to pollinate crops, forests and meadows. The result of that pollination means more honey for the consumer, not to mention more flowering plants and trees. Everyone wins, especially the crops that require pollination in order to produce fruit.

 “Honey Month is a time to celebrate the products of the hive such as honey, beeswax and the bees,” said Keith Tignor, State Apiarist at VDACS. “Every Virginian can help honey bee populations by providing flowering plants around their homes to create a pollinator garden and supporting local beekeepers.” The best way to support those beekeepers, he adds, is to buy their honey and other products such as beeswax candles or bee pollen.

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