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Things to do when an employee comes to you for emotional support

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You usually expect your employees to speak with you about work-related matters. As a boss, you barely have any personal connection with the people you work with. Besides, you’re too busy with a lot of things. You have to meet with potential partners and clients.

It’s your responsibility to not only grow the business but also find a way to make your employees feel happy. You want them to be in a positive spirit, or else they won’t perform well.

If there comes a time when an employee faces a lot of problems and comes to you for help, you might be caught by surprise. You might not know how to react. However, you need to understand that your employee is going through a big problem, and the decision was to come to you and seek help. These are the things you need to do as a way to show your support.

Drop whatever you’re working on

When an employee sets an appointment with you to talk about important matters, you have to devote your entire attention. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal or professional issue. You have to stop for a while and make sure you listen. Sometimes, even when you don’t respond, the fact that you listen means a lot.

Be willing to make changes

The employee might also come to you for work-related problems. It could be an issue with a fellow employee. It might also be about the nature of the job done at the office. Either way, you have to listen to the reason and make changes if it seems valid. Find a way to change the job description if the employee seems unhappy. You can also discuss how the employees can solve issues with one another.

Hire a counselor

If one employee after another comes to you for help, it means that it’s time for you to consider hiring a counselor. You can’t deal with all of them. Besides, you’re not a mental health expert. If the issue raised has something to do with work, it might be easy for you to respond. If they are personal matters, a mental health expert could be the right person.

Take a break

You also need to see if everyone seems stressed out at work. If several employees don’t seem happy anymore and a lot of them come to you for help, it’s a sign that everyone needs a break. You can’t ignore the situation, or else some of your employees will give up. Think of activities that everyone would love. Even a day of not doing anything related to work would mean a lot. You can host a funfair for one day. Check out fairground rides for hire if you need help hosting the event. Your employees might only need some time to take a break before moving forward with their tasks.

Don’t panic when someone comes to you for help. Instead, learn how to respond well.

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