Things to do if the equipment you hired malfunctions

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Machines are vital in a construction operation. They make things quicker, safer and easier, compared to having everything manually done. Of course, they still need people to run them, but the manual tasks decrease. However, like any other equipment, these machines can also break down due to various reasons. Some of them are natural wear and tear, improper use, changing temperature, accident, and more.

Malfunctioning equipment can be a massive problem as it can cause delays to the overall operation. Delay also means wasted money, which can add a lot of stress to everyone involved. If you have hired machines, here are things that you can do if you ever experience this scenario.

Check the machine

The trouble with the equipment can be something serious, and it can also be something that you can quickly fix. To determine the real situation, check on the machine and make an assessment. If you see that it requires a simple solution that you are confident you or your operator can take care of, do the necessary fix as soon as possible to get the process going again. However, if you cannot determine the real cause of the problem or you don’t know what to do with it, it’s best to leave it to the experts instead of trying to resolve it and making the problem worse.

Make documentation

You need to contact the hire company that lent you the machine, but before that, make proper documentation. Take photos and videos of the machine and the broken parts (if you can see them). Interview the machine operator and ask for the details about the breakdown, such as when it happened, what he was doing when the problem occurred, and what exactly the problem is. It will make it easier for the provider to determine the best course of action to take.

Contact the plant hire company

Call the plant hire company where you got the equipment. Let them know the issue so they can send someone to check it. Once their representative comes to the site, give the documentation you made to further help with his assessment. A Lancashire plant hire company will either repair the equipment on the spot or replace it, depending on the situation. You will know once their representative is done checking the malfunctioning equipment. If it can be repaired on the spot, then they will do it for you and more often than not, you will be back in operation soon. However, if it’s a major issue, then replacement may be needed, and the time it will take will depend on various factors, including the travel time and availability of a similar machine.

Communicate with the staff

Let your staff know about the issue, so they are aware. Speak with the management or the leaders on the best thing to do while waiting for the equipment. You may focus on other tasks that also need to be completed to avoid downtime and to remain productive.

It’s best to perform a check on the equipment before and after use to prevent problems from happening or so you can fix them before they turn worse.

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