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Things coolers can do besides keep beer and soda ice cold

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It is common knowledge that coolers are great at keeping drinks very cold. But that is not just the only thing that coolers can function for. Just as the versatility is appreciated in the modern technological age of today, so is the versatility of coolers.

A quality cooler should be able to showcase a number of features that show it is very versatile like you can see here. There are several ways by which a standard cooler can be of service apart from cooling drinks and beverages. Let us discuss the versatility of a standard cooler in detail.

Keeping Prepared Meals Hot

Coolers are not just great at doing what their name implies, which is keeping things very cool. Coolers also have incredible warming abilities. A cooler is a mini-insulated box. In other words, when the weather is cold, the inside of the cooler is very warm.

During the hot season, the inside of a cooler is as cool as it gets. For folks who always love their meals hot, a cooler is the perfect solution. The insulating material used in making the inside of a cooler helps to preserve heat. An added feature to keeping your meals hot is that coolers prevent spillage. This anti-spillage feature comes in handy especially when transporting meals from one place to the other in a cooler.

One important thing to do is to have a towel placed inside the cooler before putting your hot dish inside. This prevents the heated parts of your dish from melting the plastic make up of your cooler.

Preservation of Body Organs and Fluids

A cooler is regularly used by professionals in the medical field to preserve vital body organs. This is the case when an organ transplant is to be carried out. In situations where the harvested body organ needed by an applicant is in another state, a cooler becomes important medical equipment.

The cooler would preserve the needed body organ in a cool state up until the surgical procedure takes place. This is seen especially in cases of heart and kidney transplants.

Coolers are also by medical laboratory scientists in preserving medical specimens, when on the go. This is handy when they are attending to victims of fatal accidents.

Storing of Foodstuffs

A cooler helps to preserve your foodstuffs during the dry season. Apart from maintaining a consistent temperature for preserving your food items, a cooler keeps it free from being feasted upon by vermin.

Dried fish and meat can be kept in a good state when stored inside a cooler. You can also keep dry towels can also in a cooler when on a cruising adventure. It can also useful for storing dry food for your adorable dog pets as well. Be sure to wash your cooler after storing your dog food, before you use it in keeping your meals hot.

Meat Smoking

A cooler comes in handy for professional barbecue dealers. You can also use it when hosting a barbecue party at your house. It is used to cool off the hot meat coming off the smoker before cutting it. This prevents you from getting your hands burnt. To smoke the meat in a cooler, first, wrap your meat in aluminum foil paper.

You follow this up by placing the wrapped meat on a few towels inside your cooler. The cooler would preserve the steamy juices from barbecuing, giving you a tasty flavor. A cooler is great when you want to marinate your turkey during Thanksgiving. Make use of a cooler instead of your refrigerator.

Preservation of Hunting Game

For game hunters, a cooler is a must-have item while on a hunting expedition. A cooler helps to preserve their game in a cold state from the time of gutting it up until the meat is deposited at the meat shop. This is quite a versatile feature.

The cooler ensures bacteria does not contaminate the dressed game, after placing them on ice. Hunters who spend a very time during hunting expeditions always have a good number of coolers with them.

Storage Box

You can turn a cooler into a temporary storage box for your necessary and miscellaneous items in an emergency or during camping trips. Many people usually carry a roller in the boot of their cars just for this handy feature.

Large coolers can be used to keep your towels dry when you are on a camping expedition.  You don’t have to worry about your things getting scattered or when there are not enough compartments to store your items. A cooler can be used as a substitute. You can always wash it with soap and water before you use it for the normal functions of cooling your drinks or preserving hot meals.

Washing Bowl

Coolers are very handy when you are embarking on an outdoor adventure. You would not think of carrying a typical washing basin along with you on a camping trip. That’s too much load and a bother really. In comes your cooler.

After making use of your cooler for cooling your drinks and beverages or keeping your food hot, you can make use of it as a washing bowl to wash your plates, pets, or your laundry. A portable washing basin right? It sure is. Be sure to boil the water you want to use before washing up your stuff in the cooler.


A cooler is one important box ended in the home or when on an outside adventure. So, you think a cooler is just true to its name only? On the contrary, a cooler has other features that make it a versatile box. You love your meal warm even after you have prepared it hours before? Want to retain a steamy flavor of your barbecue? Keep it in a cooler. Want to keep your food dry and free from contamination by pests? A cooler comes to your rescue. Do not underestimate a cooler, as it will help you in more ways than one.

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