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These 10 (strange) items were found in rental cars

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It must have happened to you. You are sitting on the couch and realize that your reading glasses are still in the car. Or you are about to enter your house and you realize you forgot your bag in the car. Sure, everyone forgets to get their stuff out of the car once in a while. Obviously annoying, but fortunately the car is usually close to your house. But that is not the case if you leave your belongings in a rental car. And car rental company Diks knows that this happens regularly. They often find standard objects in their rental cars, but also find very special items … Are you curious about which special objects they have encountered in their cars? Below you will find only a selection of the assortment of found items from Diks, of course returned to the rightful owner.

  1. Phones and tablets
    Diks often – quite often – finds phones and tablets in their rental cars. They fall from your lap on the floor mats, slide without you noticing between the chairs or are placed in door compartments and are then forgotten. In most cases, the customer can come to collect the item from the car rental company without any problems, but sometimes that is difficult. After all, if you miss your phone on the way back home, you can’t call the car company immediately. And the car rental company cannot reach you. But it can always get worse. For example, one of the customers of Diks once left his phone in the car and deposited his key in the key safe…
  2. Keys and wallets
    Depositing the car key in the key safe has often caused problems. Customers sometimes forget their house keys in the car. But if you have already deposited the car key in a key safe at night, how do you enter your house? A difficult issue. Forcing a rental car window was unfortunately the only option for one of Diks’ customers. Sleeping on the street was of course not an option! And yes, it sucks if you leave your wallet in the car. After all, you don’t get very far these days without money. Fortunately, most customers often find out quickly and the wallet can be picked up the same day.
  3. Reading glasses and sunglasses
    Reading glasses and sunglasses in particular are often forgotten in passenger cars, especially if we’re talking about car rental for holidays (dutch: auto huren voor vakantie). Because the value is often too low to come back for, customers buy a new one. The consequence? Bins full of reading and sunglasses at the Diks locations. One of the benefits: if one of the employees of the car rental company forgets his or her glasses, they don’t have to return home. At Diks, colleagues regularly see their co-workers passing by with a smooth model on their heads.
  4. Makeup
    We also have to focus on the ladies. They (apparently) often put on make-up in rental cars, because Diks often finds make-up in their rental cars. Whether it’s a small rental car or a 9 person bus (dutch: 9 persoonsbus huren), some ladies seem to put on makeup everywhere. Lipstick, foundation, mascara … And what are those things called beauty blenders again? In short, Diks finds everything in their rental cars. But ladies, do not do your make-up and drive at the same time, we would not recommend it … Always drive safe!
  5. Coffee makers
    Apparently, many people find a nice cup of coffee on vacation (or perhaps on the way) very important. Because it has happened a number of times that customers forget to take their coffee maker out of the car. Yes, you read that right. Not a separate coffee mug or thermos (which we also often find), but encountering complete coffee makers during the car check. Yes, it also surprised the employees of Diks a bit. Well, nothing is better than a nice cup of coffee, even on the go!
  6. Game consoles
    Many parents go out with their children in a Diks rental car. And for entertainment on the go, children often bring a game console. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that they forget it when the car is returned. Fortunately, in most cases the game console ends up with the children again!
  7. Headphones and many – sooo many – cables
    Although almost every rental car has a good radio, many customers still use their headphones in the car. All good, but some of them also forget to take the headphones home. And not only headphones, but also many cables are left in rental cars. From USB cables, telephone chargers and audio cables to … cables and remote controls that we don’t really know what they’re from.
  8. A wheelchair
    Yes really. We are not kidding you. A wheelchair was recently left in one of Diks’ wheelchair buses. At Diks you can also rent special vehicles. Think of renting a car in Almere (dutch: auto huren almere) or renting a wheelchair buses. But wheelchairs themselves do not actually fall within that category. Of course Diks immediately called the owner, but the answer was surprising: you can keep it!
  9. Props of film productions
    The rental cars of Diks are regularly used for film productions. Yes, Diks rental cars are famous! And film producers sometimes leave something behind. For example, Diks sometimes finds amateur cigarettes in our rental car. A special find!
  10. A leaf blower
    A leaf blower? Yes, a real leaf blower. Very recently, a blower was left in one of Diks’ vans. You’d think you can’t easily overlook a leaf blower! Probably the owner just came back from a busy day in the garden. After all, the rental vans are used for all kinds of activities, including business jobs. Fortunately, the blower was quickly picked up by the rightful owner.

From telephones and cables to wheelchairs and blowers. Quite a few special items, which were found in the rental cars at Diks. The employees of Diks can often laugh about it, and their customers too. In addition, most objects quickly return to the rightful owner!

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