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Theresa Curry: Too Human brings unique style to Gateway

Friday night’s your rare chance to catch a couple of beloved music veterans from the world stage right here at home.

Not quite blues, or folk, or jazz, Too Human takes the emotional content of these three genres and blends it into a unique style all its own. Whatever the subject — desperate passion, a desire for a simple life, our common need to find healing amongst life’s wounds — all of these, plus some rebellious, bluesy, earthy pieces make up the repertoire of this gifted duo.  Two Human appears Friday night at the Wayne Theatre.

Too Human is Ellen Schwartz and Roger Bruno, who have shared the stage with two decades of major talent, from Janis Ian to 10,000 Maniacs,  They’ve also provided the music for  motion pictures, toured extensively, and finally decided to return to the East Coast to work on what’s really important to them — crafting and covering American music at its best.

They’re aptly named: Schwarz’s quavery, earthy voice and Bruno’s magnificent percussion and vocals cover the range of what it means to be human: full of fear one moment, bravado the next,  heartbreak the next, and somehow also laughing at it all.  Plus there’s Roger’s famous “mouth trombone” which should be in evidence sometime during the night.

A track from the album True, “New Surrender,” was chosen for a CD from the Garland Appeal, founded with the support of Paul McCartney to honor Linda McCartney and to raise funds for cancer research.  For a preview of True,  and to find out what to expect Friday night, go to

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