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The world’s most dangerous motorcycle routes

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When it comes to the open road, motorcycle riders aim conquer two types of routes — the scenic route and the deadly route. Maybe it’s all about the thrill of claiming a specific route as one for the books. Riding in itself gives a different kind of high. Often, this search for the thrill is the main reason why motorists often attribute traffic accidents to riders. According to The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian, in most cases, motorcycle riders are very much aware of how a crash can cause debilitating injuries. However, most accidents happen because of a careless driver, and riders often pay the price.

Still, this should not dampen your spirits. You’re not out enjoying an RV life, after all. As long as you ride safely, you can conquer the road — even one less traveled due to its dangerous nature. If you dare, here are the world’s most dangerous motorcycle routes:

California State Route 138 

Also known as “Blood Alley” or the “Highway of Death,” this route has already claimed hundreds of lives. In a report by the Los Angeles Times, motorists who use the San Bernardino County part of the road have a 34% chance of being involved in a fatal accident compared with the Los Angeles County segment. In the same report, this stretch of highway was listed as the site for 875 injuries and 56 deaths in just a short span of five years.

The twisting two-lane highway is dangerous because of its narrow shoulders and the lack of dividers between the opposing lanes of traffic.

South Carolina I-26

While South Carolina is famous among motorcycle riders for its scenic views, it is also pretty popular for being a dangerous road. Just recently, a massive accident caused the interstate to close down. Believe it or not, most of the accidents in the area result in riders crashing into a tree because of the absence of guardrail protection.

North Yungas Road in Bolivia

Known as “Death Road,” the North Yungas Road is a dangerous 43-mile switchback that is no more than 3 meters wide and has cliffs that drop 610 meters. Did we say it has landslides and fog, too? Some believe that the road is safer than before, yet thrill-seekers around the world still flock to this route in Bolivia to try this treacherous path. If the crosses that stand as memorials for all the lives it claimed does not scare you, then you might want to give it a try.

Fairy Meadows Road in Pakistan

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, this route is the second deadliest highway in the world for its unstable gravel mountain roads. The Fairy Meadows Road in Pakistan is not for the faint of heart. The absence of guard rails and its location of 8,126 meters above sea level is enough to include this as one of the most dangerous motorcycle routes in the world. A simple mistake can be deadly.

Los Caracoles Pass in Chile

Connecting Santiago to Chile to Argentina, this mountain pass is an engineering feat but also one of the most dangerous routes for motorcycle riders. It rises from 800 meters to a high of 3200 meters above sea level. The road also has 29 hairpin turns that would excite any thrill-seeker. While it is pretty impressive to travel this route, riders should keep in mind that one wrong turn can spell disaster, as they can free fall onto the traffic below.

Now that you have an idea of how some routes can be dangerous, it might be best to stick to the scenic routes first before exploring the treacherous ones. Reserve the thrill-seeking for when you feel like you have better control over your bike.

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