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The World According To The TV character Glenn Beck

I’ve made it a personal point not to let Glenn Beck get me too far off target on any particular day, my thinking being that the guy is neither a danger, nor does he have the screw loose that many outside the hardcore Tea Party set assume is the case with him.

No, Glenn Beck is, to me, a TV character, played by a comedy writer who happens to also be named Glenn Beck, but getting mad at the TV character Glenn Beck makes about as much sense as getting mad at, say, the TV character Al Bundy.

I bring up Al Bundy, from the ’80s and ’90s off-color classic “Married With Children,” because, well, for starters, there’s the obvious Fox connection, but more to the point, because like Al Bundy, Glenn Beck doesn’t need to worry about little things like being consistent or even making basic sense.

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