The top moments in Manchester United club history

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If you asked 10 different Manchester United supporters what the best moments in club history were, there is a pretty good chance that you would get 10 different answers. Man U has one of the richest histories for a football club not only in England, but throughout the entirety of Europe.

While those 10 answers would likely be different, it is also quite likely that the following moments and achievements would be on anyone’s list. That’s why these are the top moments in Manchester United History.  If you’re into football plus a fan of facts and numbers, keep up to date with current premier league stats.

1968: The Red Devils Redemption

Ten years after eight of the “Busby Babes” as well as team personnel and supporters died in the horrible Munich Air Disaster. And while the following decade saw the club nearly fold, team manager Matt Busby marched onward. Instead of letting the club collapse at the hand of great tragedy, he slowly built up the squad and led the Red Devils to the European Cup Final.

In extra time, Man Utd scored three times, alerting the rest of the world that the Red Devils were back and here to stay.

1990: Fergie’s First

At this point it’s nearly impossible to comprehend, but there was a time when Sir Alex Ferguson did not seem long as the lead man in Manchester. In his first three seasons, Ferguson led to the club to 11th, 2nd, and 11th place finishes. That didn’t seem to be good enough for the team’s front office and it is believed that if he had lost the upcoming FA Cup to Crystal Palace, he was going to be shown the door.

That all changed after a first game that ended in 3-3, and a replay that was won by the Man U side. That marked the first of many trophies that Fergie would help bring home.

1999: The Treble

After a comeback victory against the Spurs on the final matchday of the 1998-99 Premier League season lead to Man U winning their sixth EPL title in eight years. I order to win that title, they also had to defeat Arsenal in extra time to win the FA Cup semifinals in a replay.

That allowed Man U to reach a final that they ultimately won, 2-2, versus Newcastle. With that win, the Red Devils had an opportunity to do the seemingly impossible – complete the treble.

They completed that treble when they finally broke through in the 91st minute to tie the game, 1-1. Two minutes later, Ole Gunnar Solskjær hit one of the most iconic goals in football history. At that moment, Man U became the first (and still only) side to complete the Premiership-FA Cup-UCL treble.

2008: We Are the Champions

Fifty years after the Munich Air Disaster and forty years after their first European Cup championship, the 2007-08 Man U squad etched their name in history. They did that by beating rival Chelsea in the Champions League Final. Fans who had their heartbroken during the 1999 final finally got the relief they needed.

The first half ended, 1-1, and that score would hold until the match was ultimately decided in penalty kicks.

In the penalty kicks, both sides started two-for-two, but when Petr Cech saved Critiano Ronaldo’s strike, things for the Red Devils looked quite dire.

Then, with Chelsea up 4-3 and needing just one goal to seal it, John Terry slipped and missed his would-be game-winner.

Man U would not miss again, and a van der Sar save on Nicolas Anelka proved to be the deciding moment that sealed Man U their third European championship in club history.

2013: Farewell to Fergie

After decades of dominance and beautiful football, Alex Ferguson’s final day as the head man in Manchester was finally coming to an end. A few weeks after claiming his 13th title at the club, Sir Alex announced that he was going to retire as manager at the end of the season.

At his final match day as manager of the club, a 5-5 draw resulted in one of the greatest celebrations of a man in the history of the Premier League. Despite the fact that the game was not even being played at Man U’s Old Trattford, but instead at The Hawthorns. Fans cheered for Fergie for what he had done for football in England and across the world.

His career ended in the hoisting of a trophy, and a standing ovation both before and after the match that was a true moment to behold.

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