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The top bathroom elements and furniture you can add to your bathroom today

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The bathroom is essential to any home, and we all know its function. But the typical bathroom’s function—in fact, its overall purpose—has already changed quite a bit in recent years. What we mean by this is that bathrooms are now looked at as places where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself, especially after a long and trying day in the office (or at home), and a lot of people are now paying more attention to how they design, decorate, and outfit their bathrooms. Your bathroom can say a lot about yourself and your personality, too, just like other key areas such as your living room and your bedroom. If you are aiming to give your bathroom a bit of a remodel and would like to add to its charm and appeal, here are the top bathroom elements and furniture you can add to your bathroom today.

A framed mirror

Gone are the days when people all had to make do with dull and boring bathroom cabinets with mirrors. While that element will always be a necessity, so you have a place to store your stuff and look at yourself while you shave or style your hair, other elements are taking their place as well. You can, for instance, make use of bathroom shelves placed on strategic parts of the wall, or you can make use of a beautiful vanity installed in a corner or even fitted bathroom furniture. All these elements are not only functional – they can be quite attractive and appealing as well. But another bathroom element which can serve to transform the way your bathroom looks is a framed mirror. Framed mirrors are simply gorgeous, and they can add personality and character to your bathroom just like a beautiful vanity or stunning lighting fixtures such as sconces. A big and beautiful framed mirror can instantly upgrade the space, and it’s definitely an essential and useful element.

A black bath

Do you want to create a marvellous focal point and centrepiece for your bathroom? Nothing attracts the eye—and makes guests gasp in awe—than a beautiful black bath. Black has long been associated with elegance and style, and if you want a statement piece that oozes chic and appeal and makes your bathroom look amazing, you can opt for a black bath. Sleek black baths are on-trend nowadays, and it can give your bathroom a more opulent look without you having to break the bank. In fact, you can now purchase a plethora of freestanding black baths online, which often come at great discounts that aren’t seen in retail shops.

Tiling a wall partway

Here’s another thing you can do if you want to add extra oomph to your bathroom: tile one wall or partially tile two or three walls. Instead of using tile on your entire bathroom’s walls, you can simply choose to tile one wall or tile an area up to a chair or picture rail, or even just halfway up the wall. This can add a surprisingly beautiful design element to your bathroom, livening up its look and making it look more appealing. To make it even more functional, you can choose to add a shelf or ledge for your bathroom toiletries and accessories.

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