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The Top 5 issues for government to watch in 2020

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As we welcome 2020, many critical challenges and issues need to be addressed. Most of the changes we will see in the future can only be achieved by working and balancing the concerns of today. Since this year has proved itself to be a unique one in the USA, there are many public policy issues to resolve, confront, embrace, and create a more progressive. Not just this, the year 2020 has turned into a crucial political junction where the election is only months away.

During this time, there are some topics 2020 associated with current issues in America that the government needs to watch.

  1. Climate

This year, America has seen extreme climatic conditions such as wildfires, hurricanes, melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and island nations getting threatened. Some efforts to change this are already being made in the USA, such as Miami Beach constructing raised roads and seawalls, and Louisiana dealing with new levees and shoreline restoration. However, forty-five states need money for dealing with climate-related problems that must come from taxes or at the expense of other programs. You can find government essay topics to learn more about how the government has been functioning regarding these issues. One of the biggest reasons behind the current issues in America is the public indifference and lack of awareness that the government needs to keep as a priority.

  1. Immigration

While 51% of the US adults claim immigration policy issues to be a top priority for the government, it is hard to say if any wise decisions have taken place regarding this in the past few years. The US public believes immigration to be a way to strengthen the country. There are highly effective government essays to understand this situation as well. Although the nation’s priority is to reduce illegal immigration into the US, it needs to be on the radar for the government in 2020 to support people and treat them humanely and respectfully to deal with the immigration-related current issues in America.

  1. Health Care

Health Care public policy issues have been a matter of discussion inside the American Government for quite some time now. The Affordable Care Act requires individuals to buy insurance to deal with health care facilities. However, this has resulted in a rather high cost for health care. The US per capita and health expenditure was $7,960 in 2009, which is much higher than that of countries like Norway and Switzerland. The government needs to focus on these healthcare topics 2020 as a possible issue to provide citizens with quality healthcare service as a fundamental right and support healthcare professionals as well.

  1. Inequality and Exclusion

Inequality and exclusion have been a grave problem in the USA that have affected people, societies, and the country’s peace. Many policy issues are not just limited to gender inequality but also racism, disability inequality, and more that require a form of justice and security. It is, however, lacking and should be one of the most crucial topics 2020. The government needs to consider and look out for issues that are associated with bolstering inequality among people to bring forth those who are left behind. The year 2020 is an opportunity to focus on equality among people in different sectors that ultimately affect the country’s economy and societal balance. It can start at the grass-root level by studying many essay topics to bring a change.

  1. Sustainable Development Goals

Building and achieving sustainable development is a priority for many countries, including national and international organizations. Some of the more urgent problems seen are poverty, mortality, health, sanitation, and climatic balance. While the USA is counted as one of the world’s most developed nations, some states inside still need support to deal with policy issues and establish sustainability. If the government does not focus on sustainability efforts, there will be nothing left behind for the country or the world as a whole. America needs to work towards a global goal to achieve sustainability so that as a powerful country, it also contributes its expertise to those that have nothing.

America is known as a country that has the world’s most developed innovations and services. However, there are many public policy issues brought by the year 2020 that can pose a threat or challenge to the USA’s level of progress. Hence, the government needs to start fresh and contribute by keeping the world in mind and delivering its expertise to a world that it is a big part of.

This article was written by Debra Jones, an expert in dealing with the problems associated with the world and the USA. She has worked with both national and international organizations to thoroughly study and brainstorm ideas to understand the global concern and how the USA fits into the equation. An advocate by day and a mother by night, Debra is an ivy-school graduate with a high-quality experience and professionalism to deal with the issues that concern people. She is known to communicate these problems with her diverse network of people and bring out a positive response to better people’s lives. She enjoys writing about world affairs and also contributes to her opinions through her blog. When she isn’t at work, she can be found lazing over her couch with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. A mother to two daughters, she enjoys cooking for her kids and keeps a priority to spend quality time with her family whenever possible.