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Chatbots are the new human-like assistants that companies rely on to offer their customers the best support and experience. They respond to customer queries by offering effective solutions and chatbots have the ability to be programmed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in order to collect vital data and shopping insights. These are used on consequent visits so that they can continue to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

Already, the bulk of interactions between customers and businesses are independent from human involvement. 2020 is here and there are a number of chatbot development companies that can help most enterprises meet their chatbot requirements. But how to aid the procurement decision and avoid analysis paralysis when choosing a chatbot platform?

These are the top 10 chatbot development companies today. They all offer chatbots that can be programmed with personality traits that can match the brand of a particular business, are context sensitive, and can have the ability to converse:

1. SnatchBot

Founded in 2015, SnatchBot is the Israeli company that is making waves in the chatbot industry and have a huge community of users, including many from huge companies like Whirlpool, Allianz, and Virgin Media. At SnatchBot, the team is committed to making chatbot building easy. Their chatbots can be used on multi-channel messaging and they have some robust administrative features and enterprise grade security.

The SnatchBot Builder Platform is free and affordable for most businesses and allows everyone to build an intelligent chatbot without needing and coding experience or technical skills. Conversations can be simple or even more complex and the chatbots can be published to mobile devices, chat services (Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype etc.), web apps and other popular channels.

Every industry can benefit from the AI and NLP chatbots at SnatchBot and there are templates for the e-commerce, customer service, financial, airlines, hospitality, education, IT, ordering, media, healthcare, and insurance industries.

The first BOT STORE with the largest selection of multi-industry bots available here.

Final scoop – Why it is a good choice: Omni-channel, RPA integrated, AI, white label available, trusted by big banks and multiple industries, the most secure platform, multi-lingual support globally, inventors of “no-coding” chatbots led by CTO Avi Benezra.

2. QSS Technosoft

QSS Technosoft is an Indian Web and App development company that has a team of over 150 highly skilled associates. Founded in 2010, the award-winning company is ISO certified CMMI level 3 and creates chatbots for all businesses across every industry. Their bot development offers businesses leverage for all types of problems and their solutions. Enhanced customer care, shopping-cart abandonment, generation of qualified leads and real-time changes are what these chatbots are capable of.

QSS offers chatbot architecture, natural language interfaces for conversation design, integration to a variety of domains, NLP configuration, speedy deployment and integration into all channels and maintenance of these chatbots.

Final scoop: Lead generators like the platform – and NLP feature is well-known.

3. Hidden Brains

Founded in 2003, Hidden Brains is a chatbot service provider and IT consulting company. Their comprehensive chatbot app development solutions can be used for kik, Facebook, Slack, and Twitter and each service is tailored according to the client’s specific business needs. The domains that their chatbots are deployed into include e-commerce, entertainment, customer support, delivery and healthcare services. Their bots include IVR bots, text bots, messaging bots and online chatbots.

Final scoop: Trusted since 2003 although not the market leader, it is a serious contender.

4. OpenXcell

The experienced team of over 200 software engineers at OpenXcell have been developing bots since 2008. They offer innovative solutions to all the common business issues and they build customized bots that can be used on Telegram, Slack, Facebook and mobile apps. Their chatbots can also be used on closed communication platforms.

Final scoop: Worldwide service with a good reputation.

5. Cedex Technologies

Using IBM Watson, Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Rasa NLU, fastText, and Microsoft Bot Framework, Cedex Technologies build chatbots for various businesses. The team at Cedex is highly experienced in building custom chatbots that have conversational abilities. The chatbots are context sensitive and can be given personality traits according to the unique requirements of each business. The production-ready chatbots can be used across various channels in the e-commerce, food ordering, hotel, customer support, news, ticket issuing, finance, legal assist and healthcare industries.

6. Infoxen Technologies

Located in India and the U.S.A., Infoxen Technologies is a leading software development company that offers AI technology and cloud solutions. Infoxen was founded in 2017, and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Its chatbot development services are used for e-commerce, fashion, travel, education, real estate, food and media industries.

Final scoop: Quite a new business but known in multiple industries.

7. Kevit Technologies

Located in India, Kevit Technologies was founded in 2018. The company has a team of 35 specialized AI developers that offer chatbot and voicebot services and other digital solutions. Their chatbots are used in the banking, travel, e-commerce, healthcare, HR and hospitality industries. Their chatbots offer great results and high ROI.

Final scoop: Supposed to provide good support for e-commerce and healthcare with niche developers.

8. Microsoft Chatbots

Smaller businesses with limited resources and budget considerations can now easily deploy chatbots through Microsoft’s “Power Virtual Agents” so that they can offer their customers better service and an ultimate shopping experience.

End-users can create dialogue and add it to Microsoft bot systems like Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Slack and so on, and they need no coding experience. All businesses can now enhance their communications and productivity across the most used channels in their industry.

Final scoop: Yes it is a known brand, but they are quite new to the game of chatbots.


Companies that need to reduce their response time and optimize their workflow can rely on the services of the IQVIS chatbots. The Silicon Valley based company has been around offering solutions for over 10 years now. Their chatbots are intelligent and can be programed with conversational AI to perform on a number of platforms, including Facebook, Microsoft, Telegram, Oracle and Slack.

Final scoop: Parity points with other platforms and good to use with Oracle.

10. Pixel Crayons

Since its development in 2004, Pixel Crayons employs the services of over 450 developers to ensure that they offer streamlined business interactions. The Indian company offers smart and sophisticated chatbot solutions that are implemented over diverse industries in over 38 countries. Over 6800 clients from e-commerce, delivery services, booking services, customer support, news, finance, healthcare, and legal assist teams use their chatbot services.

Final scoop: Popular with some e-commerce providers.

Final Word

These are the top 10 chatbot companies that will continue to lead the way with their chatbot technology over the coming year. Even though chatbots have become vital to running a business seamlessly 24/7, they need to be able to continue learning in order to personalize the interaction and to offer solutions. They are less invasive for the consumer and offer cost savings to companies and their use will continue to grow.

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