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The top 10 business name generators in 2021: TRUiC AI-powered tools stand out

Choosing a business name is a crucial aspect of opening a business, so why not get all the help you can get. Here’s a list of best business name generators currently on the market, one of these will for sure help you find the best business name to suit your business idea.

TRUiC Business Name Generator: The only free AI-powered option

With the TRUiC Business Name Generator, users enter keywords related to their business idea and industry and business and domain names are generated. They are specifically SEO optimized which means businesses can rank higher in searches in their area. TRUiC also provides users with tips and tricks to choose the perfect business name and explains how entrepreneurs can register their business name once they have chosen and checked its domain availability. It’s a completely free tool along with their free logo maker and their very handy business formation guides. It is an AI-powered next generation tool.

Zyro Business Name Generator

Zyro’s Business Name Generator is a good option for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Users input several keywords and it generates a list of names including highly brandable options. Users can also insert various inquiries for more specific results and narrow down their search as they go. It’s one of the more feature-rich options.

Oberlo Name Generator

The Oberlo Name Generator is one of easiest tools to use. Simply enter the keywords and it generates pages of suggestions. It is perfect if business owners are looking for a straightforward business name, however, often the business names are too simplistic.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator provides users with business name ideas based on their industry or store type. Their business name suggestions are optimized mainly to specific industries that users can input. Shopify’s Business Name Generator is designed specifically for online stores, but it works well for all business types.


NameSnack is a popular business name generator because it offers users brandable domain names completely free of charge. It generates unique names based on the industry and keyword that best represents the user’s business. It generates a list of suggestions and also allows them to check if the name they’ve chosen is available as a domain name as well.

Namelix Business Name Generator

The Namelix Business Name Generator works slightly differently, it has more filters and parameters for users to play with before they click generate. From the length to the style, it’s all in users’ hands making it perfect for business owners who want suggestions tailored exactly to their unique specifications.

Wix Business Name Generator

The Wix Business Name Generator is a handy one. It provides users with a variety of business name ideas based on specific keywords, as well as industry-specific suggestions if users enter their industry as a keyword. Wix is a popular website builder at its core, which means its business name generator will come in pretty handy if you’re also looking to create a website for your business.

Company Name Generator

Company Name Generator is another simple, easy-to-use business name generator that’s also virtually clutter-free. There’s no ads, filters, or tips, what users find is a search bar and hundreds of business name suggestions when they type in their keywords, surprisingly it even generates suggestions without keywords.

NameMesh Company Name Generator

NameMesh Company Name Generator comes in two types, one that allows for two to three keywords and a second that allows for three or four keywords. NameMesh can automatically generate suggestions based on available domains but it can also generate suggestions that optimizes SEO.


It’s all in the name, the focus is on branding. After entering a keyword or two, users are provided with a list of brand names that they can buy. Brandroot does charge more than most but you are guaranteed catchy and memorable brand names suggestions to choose from. Its the perfect tool if you’re looking to buy a high-quality domain for your business.

Pick the one that works best for you

It isn’t always necessary to pay for these kinds of tools, some of the best business name generators are free yet still come with a variety of interesting features and accompanying resources. It’s all about choosing the one that suits your business needs the best.

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