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The stress busting guide for working professionals

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Stress is a common state of being for working professionals today. If you do not have an employer that sees that value in supporting their employees through wellness programs or by investing in their development, unease, anxiety, and malcontent will grow. It is not your fault that you feel stressed or even anxious at work. In fact, an increasing number of people feel stressed on a regular basis, which is why it is in the best interest for all working professionals to follow this guide:

Set Clear Boundaries at Work

Most people are stressed due to the workload at their job, but 1 in 5 also cite that a difficulty in balancing their work/life routines also causes severe stress. One of the first steps to rectify this anxiety is to set clear boundaries. Do not work when you are not being paid to work. Set firm boundaries and set expectations as soon as possible.

A good way to start is to set up automated emails to be sent to senders after you go home, stating that you are out of office and when you will be back. Turning off your phone or notifications when you are home will help you relax and unwind. Even if there is a catastrophe at work, you need to calm down, regain your strength, and get a good night’s sleep. A properly functioning body is better than one that is pushed to its limit trying nonstop to find a solution.

Improve Your Physical Health

The next step is to use the time you have at home now to work on improving your healthy habits. Clear out all of the unhealthy snacks from your home and even consider hosting dinners so you can see your friends and family as well.

If you find exercise difficult to keep up, join a class that will let you have fun and meet new people. Whatever works for you, aim to eat better, sleep better, and exercise more.

When Stress Develops into an Anxiety Disorder

Chronic stress can result in a general anxiety disorder. If you suffer from chronic stress or anxiety, you will want to try:


You can treat anxiety with CBD. CBD, which is derived from the cannabis plant, does not contain any psychoactive elements, and can be produced without any THC present at all.

São Paulo researchers conducted a recent study in 2017 that even confirmed that CBD oil does indeed decrease anxiety, especially in those who have developed a social phobia. You can use it on your skin, ingest it, or put it into creams.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a very effective therapy that can be done either in person or online. You will need to set aside 1 hour every week for three to four months, but many find it to be a great tool.

Removing Yourself from Your Stressors

If all the aforementioned tips don’t provide you with the stress relief you are looking for, then start to find a new employer. Sometimes the stressors in your life are not worth the pain and suffering, and finding a new employer that cares more for the wellbeing of their employees is a must.

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