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The rise of the electric car

With the sale of all new diesel and petrol vehicles banned by 2040, it seems that the replacement of standard motors with electric alternatives is now definitive. The issue of global warming and harmful pollutants has left the call for a greener choice heard loud and clear, and while air quality in the UK may have seen a significant improvement in recent years, the problem is still a big one.

But 2040 is still a long way off – so many are making the switch to electric cars sooner rather than later. As this infographic shows, electric cars have been gaining popularity for a while now, but a lot of motorists are still unsure about what driving an electric car really entails, from charging to costs. It’s thought that by 2025, every sixth car sold in the world will be electric, as more people will be seeking a greener way of travelling.

Electric-powered cars are an obvious step in an eco-friendlier direction, producing less carbon dioxide than diesel or petrol cars and providing more efficiency than the conventional motor. Moving away from the planet-destroying fossil fuels, electric cars are a more renewable option and better for the climate too.

And then there’s the cost-saving benefits too – once you’ve purchased the car, the costs of running it are a lot less than with petrol or diesel vehicles, as well as EV cars typically being charged overnight which means you’ll be using electricity at a lower unit rate than during the day. While the prices will vary depending on how and where you charge, you’ll still be paying over a tenth less than what you would for petrol or diesel.

Electric cars have progressed leaps and bounds over the past few years, passing one million sales and proving that the demand for this type of vehicle is definitely there among consumers. As this infographic shows, the market for electric cars has risen remarkably over the years and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you’re interested more in this subject, check out the below infographic from Hire Brid for more information on the history of electric vehicles.

rise of the electric car