The pre-requisite: Understanding stocks and the MT4 platform

businessThere is nothing too confusing about what a stock is. It is as simple as owning a share in a company. When you purchase a stock, you purchase a percentage of a share in that particular company. Now, should the market value of the company rise or fall, you as the owner will be proportionally profited or lose on the percentage of money you have invested in it. The more stock you have, the larger your profit or loss, depending on the market performance of your company.

You, and all the others who have invested in stocks of the company, are called shareholders. While you have a right to the profits and losses that are associated with the stock you own, you do not have any other right over the company, irrespective of how many stocks you own. The management of the company determines the day-to-day operations of the company, and this will ultimately result in how your stock value increases or falls over the course of time.

“Risk” is a term that is often associated with the stock market. If your stocks do well, you earn a significant profit, but should the stock go in the opposite direction, you also stand to lose all your invested money and perhaps even lose more from your own money to compensate for this loss. Hence, there is a definite risk attached. But, the profit is very attractive and this is why many people choose to invest in stocks.

Modern trading

MT4 or the MetaTrader4, is a software that is used by the online retail foreign exchange traders. An electronic trading platform, it was developed by MetaQuotes Software and released for use in 2005.

Features of the META TRADING 4

MetaTrader4 has a huge potential for foreign exchange traders and brokers and is utilized by all types of traders– beginners, advanced traders or even a professional traders.

The META TRADING 4 platform supports standard technical indicators as well as custom indicators. The software consists of a client component and a server component. The server component is run by the broker while the client component is run by the broker’s customer.

The customers can use the META TRADING 4 to stay abreast of the prices and the charts, to place orders and also to manage their accounts.

META TRADING 4 offers highly developed technology alongside better security that allow the traders to work on the opening and closing of the Forex positions without the need of worrying about their platform’s stability.

The platform consists of over 50 technical indicators that are already installed in it. Moreover, the user can avail of 9 different time frames and 3 different chart times.

Each of these features gives the trader the ability to observe the market accurately, enabling entry and exit with precise timing.

Advantages of META TRADING 4 platform

The META TRADING 4 has varied advantages, like:

User friendly: The user-friendly feature of the META TRADING 4 allows the users to trade the complex and unpredictable market with ease. Traders of every level—right from the beginners to the professionals—find the platform comfortable to use.

Downloading the app on your android phone can help you access the market wherever you may be, even from the comforts of your home. It can also be downloaded on one’s computer or tablet.

Language: A wide range of languages is available on this platform. This enables users from all over the world to make use of the platform because with the META TRADING 4 they can even use it in their own native language. Spend time on tutorials detailing the various facets in this market, study market trends and reports and then enter with a small amount and build up from there.

Communication: The advanced technology of the MT4 platform enables the users to communicate with their traders through messages in real time. It reduces the need for emails and makes the experience simpler.

Expert Advisors: One of the most important features, Expert Advisors, enables traders to automate their trade with a customized EA as per their needs. The META TRADING 4 platform has gained its popularity because of its algorithmic trading.

Charts: The advanced charting capabilities of the platform allow the traders to analyze and trade the market’s technical characteristics and viabilities. You may make modifications in the chart and its looks as per your preference—using the colors, styles and templates that you like best. Setting the charts as per your preferences makes it easy to read the charts and retain only those functions that interest you and discard those that don’t.

Security: Forex trading is a sensitive market to deal in and one always runs the risk of getting their accounts hacked. However, with META TRADING 4, one can be certain that the data between the trader and the server will be encrypted and the trader’s IP address concealed so that there is no fear of the account getting hacked.

Flexibility: The META TRADING 4 is flexible, in that it can be used to trade other markets like equities, futures and commodities, and support all currency crosses.

Low risk and higher returns is the stock trading mantra – strategies and tricks to make profits

Stock trading and risk goes hand in hand where one must master the art of controlling risk to such extent that it must be quite lower when compared to the profit you make. And controlling the risk is something which not only the beginners need to learn but the experienced traders need to inculcate in their trading skills. For this again strategizing and designing plans and rules is essential which will help you keep the risks to a minimum where even when you lose the loss is negligible.


MetaTrader4 is a platform most useful for Forex traders. With its many advantages, it can benefit the trading experience. It shares important information about Forex indicators with currency traders. Its flexibility and lack of language barriers makes it easy for traders the world over to use it from any part of the world. Moreover, it can be downloaded on the phone or the tablet that makes using the platform a comfortable experience.

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