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The potential of the sports betting market in Asia

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The sports betting sector and also mobile betting in Asia contributes annually billions of pounds to the global industry. Because of the number of bets and competition, the Asian companies work on lower margins when compared to the European ones. This means that the players can expect bigger winnings on the long-term when compared to using European bookies because the margin is two to three times higher than in Asia.

The Big Reach

Due to the amount of betting, Asian bookmakers offer betting on pretty much any sports event no matter how small or unimportant the league in question may be. The most common bet is the Asian Handicap which makes sense. Additionally, it is becoming popular all over the world because it gives the player better odds by providing them to remove the draw as an option and only bet on one or the other team. Asian Handicap works in numerous sports but it is prevalently used in football betting.

The Asian Handicap provides the bookmaker with a smaller margin and tries to balance the odds to 50-50. Actually, this is what every bookie dreams about, a 50-50 of place bets. Additionally, it provides players with competitive odds.

Rapidly Growing

Not only is the Asian market growing, but it is also expanding towards Europe. In the start, people were sceptical for their money, if their actions are legal and because of numerous potential frauds lurking around. However, there are now ways that ensure security to players which has brought a lot of high stakes players to the Asian market. Alongside the high stakes players, the other came along for the ride.

The Asian market is the one where most odds are shaped due to the sheer amount of large bets. Most European bookies just follow their logic. In Europe, the Asian sports betting market still remains a shady and unknown place for some but its liquidity and potential profitability is drawing much attention from both individual bettors as well as betting syndicates. The future will most definitely see the future rise of the Asian market and an inflow of European players.

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