The phenomenon of the popularity of Asian culture

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What is the first thing you think of Asian culture? Well, for most of us, the first things we will think about are their food and captivating movies. That is undoubtedly the first impression most of us have of this culture. However, recently, we have learned that Asian culture is more than just food. This is all thanks to the current events in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, you can get a hint about this culture everywhere, whether it is through playing Asian-themed games on online sites like automaty do gry or simply watching a documentary about their lifestyle.

For the past few years, Asian culture has made its way into not only the Western world but also all around the world. People are now attracted to the Asian way of life now more than ever. If you are wondering why the Asian culture is gaining popularity every single day, then here is all you need to know about it.

Rising popularity of K-Pop

Korean Pop or K-Pop has become extremely popular in the past few years. K-pop groups are now recognized by fans globally, thanks to their exceptional music. A well-known group is BTS, which is also known as Bangtan Boys. Even though BTS were not the first K-Pop group to be created, they were the first ones to become mainstream. They broke the K-Pop records after appearing #1 on the Billboard 100. Moreover, they have won many awards, including nine Billboard Music Awards and other awards.

What’s more, BTS has attained 26 Guinness World Records. They have also received an Order of Cultural Merit from the President of South Korea as a way of appreciation for spreading the Korean language and culture. In short, K-Pop bands such as BTS have helped to increase Asian culture. Their choreography, way of dressing and language have made people outside their community even more interested in their culture.

Chinese-made tv shows

Chinese TV series and movies are growing in popularity overseas. The drama, the romance, the storylines, the action, and the culture in them make these shows even more popular in the Western world. It is through these movies and programs that most of us can learn about the Asian lifestyle and language. Some of the TV shows that are now popular around the world include Eternal Love, Love O2O, Nirvana in Fire, Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Raya and the Last Dragon, Crazy Rich Asians, Minari, and the upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Covid-19 pandemic

As the Coronavirus broke out, Asians became a target for hate crimes, discrimination, and harassment. Some were harassed and fought in public. Those that had businesses in Westernized countries had no option but to close them down since they were discriminated against. Most people believed that even those who were not living in China by that time had the disease. Others believed that all Chinese fed on bats and other unbelievable creatures.

As a result, this led to anti-racism protests as Asians stood up to defend themselves. They turned to social media platforms to educate people about their culture and to stop the stereotypes. In some ways, the anti-Asian racism protests helped increase the popularity of the Asian culture. More and more people outside those countries are getting to appreciate their customs despite the events. We should expect to see an increase in the popularity of Asian culture even more in the coming future.

Story by Ana Corker

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