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The perfect foundations for dry skin

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Does your skin always seem dry and irritated? Do cold, harsh winters make your dry skin feel achy and uncomfortable any time wind blows your way? Do you ever experience flakiness or redness?

If you have dry skin that can’t seem to stay hydrated no matter what you try, you may have difficulty finding a good foundation. Your dry skin deserves a foundation that offers the smooth, flawless finish you crave.

If your foundations have all left a little to be desired, you just haven’t found the right one yet. Here’s how you can.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if your foundation could work double-time and provide hydration? Well, it can. And as a matter of fact, it should.

There are quite a few foundations out there that offer extra hydration for those of us with dry skin. Of course, they shouldn’t replace your moisturizer, but they can assist it. (If you have dry skin, it should go without saying, but always use moisturizer.)

Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and coconut water. These are lightweight moisturizers that show proven increases in hydration levels.

Using a foundation that has the added benefit of these moisturizing ingredients can quench your thirsty skin, which is what it so desperately needs.

Even out tone

When you have dry skin, you are more prone to patchiness or dull spots. That’s because the lack of hydration leads to cell damage and irritation.

These tiny imperfections are minor inconveniences that keep you from the even skin you deserve. And what is the foundation for, if not to make your skin look flawless.

The best foundation for dry skin is one that will balance out the differing tones in your skin. Look specifically for foundations that make this claim.

Gentle formula

Dry skin is usually sensitive skin. When you have dry skin, it quickly gets irritated. And harsh chemicals in your foundation can make your dry skin even worse.

Look for more natural ingredients and shy away from the harsher ones. Dry skin is too thin and sensitive for the more complicated stuff. Look for “gentle” on the packaging of your foundation and keep away from strong fragrances.

Smooth texture

Along with those patchy spots and redness comes some uneven texture issues. If you have more combination skin, with some parts dryer than others, you need a foundation that won’t stick weirdly to your dryer patches.

You should also look for a smooth texture in the foundation itself. Creamier formulas and ones that are a whipped texture are best for dry skin. They glide over the skin naturally, making them easy to blend out.

Thinner foundations can absorb unevenly, so make sure the one you choose is a good texture.

Adjustable coverage

If you have dry skin, you need to find a foundation that can build. Sometimes you don’t need that much foundation, but sometimes you do need that full coverage. Pick a foundation that gives you the option of both.


The key to having buildable coverage has a lightweight formula that allows for it. You don’t want your foundation to cake and sink into any fine lines or wrinkles.

Thick or greasy foundations can lead to the dreaded “cake face” appearance that we all fear. And if you have dry skin, it can absorb into those creases.

Better foundation for better skin

A common misconception about makeup is that it makes your skin worse. And while it’s true that some lower-quality foundation is capable of doing that, it’s not always the case.

Finding the perfect foundation for your dry skin can provide a flawless look while conditioning your skin to be healthier.

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