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The most unusual casinos in the world

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In 2016, the world’s smallest casino appeared on the streets of London. The gambling house, located in the back cab of a taxi, has attracted the attention of media. However, its creators were not the first to try to attract visitors with the unusualness of their casino. Let’s study some interesting examples in detail.

Online Casinos: What Is New?

Until recently, online casinos have been considered to be a novelty since nobody could imagine how it is to gamble online. Nowadays, an impressive number of casino sites UK has appeared on the World Wide Web: just click casinorating to make sure yourself. Since this business was more or less profitable at the beginning of the century, there was no better way to promote your own casino than introducing various novelties:

  • Extensive loyalty programs;
  • Live tournaments;
  • VR and AR technologies;
  • Cryptocurrency casinos;
  • Progressive jackpots, etc.

Everything on this list gave a slight advantage over the competitors until they introduced the same improvements on their platforms. Anyway, the world trends are constantly changing, so the best way to remain in this sphere is to focus on constant development. Here are some unusual land-based casinos.

1. Desert Cave, Australia

Desert Cave Casino in Australia is located in an underground cave. Coober Pedy is the city located in the desert that attracted many opal hunters. Due to strong winds and high temperatures, the inhabitants of Coober Pedy built dugouts instead of houses, so Umberto Coro decided to establish his casino hotel not on the surface, but inside a huge sandstone.

This decision made Desert Cave the most popular resort in Australia. The casino has 16 slot machines, a bar, and a restaurant. Desert Cave guests are also offered to rent one of the underground rooms, swim in the underground pool, or visit a shop that sells souvenir opals and jewelry with precious stones.

2. Jet Lounge, France

The French aircraft company has developed an air casino based on the Boeing 777. A miniature gambling house was placed at the front of the plane. Tables for card games were installed inside the casino. Air casino gambling takes place during the flight. During the takeoff, landing, and turbulence, the gambling house is closed for the safety of passengers. Visitors to the casino will not only be able to play poker but also order drinks at a local bar, as well as communicate with each other in a special space for small-talks.

3. Sun City Resort, South Africa

This institution offers visitors three types of gambling: roulette, card tables, and slot machines. Shows, water activities, and golf tournaments are also held at the territory of the luxurious complex, but this is not why it was included in the list of the most exotic gambling houses. The tourist area is built next to the Pilanesberg nature reserve. Guests can watch African animals from the windows, and for the most desperate visitors, the staff of the complex arranges the safari.

Are you surprised by these casinos? Share your impressions with us.