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The long-awaited rise of online poker in 2021

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Many of us remember the cherished golden years of online poker. People were excited to learn and try their skills in online poker tables not only just to win some cash but also to participate in this global phenomenon that it was. News agencies were reporting about self-made poker professionals who made a small (or bigger) fortune from the comfort of their homes.

How has online poker changed since its golden years?

Since its golden years, online poker has changed significantly. The hype around poker has almost died as other types of online gambling games have become more attractive and lucrative. People are drawn to slot games and more simple card games such as blackjack. Unlike before, players are looking for interaction, enjoyment and entertainment from the game. Of course winning is still the reason to play, but other reasons have become valuable as well.

One reason for the change is that there are more talented players. When the craze started, many of the players did not have much experience in poker. Playing with enthusiasm but not with much talent meant that there was easy money available for those who knew how to play. Nowadays things are much different as players are very knowledgeable of what they are doing.

Receiving rakeback in 2021 – how to do it

Rakeback is not a new thing in the world of poker. In fact, rakebacks have had an impact even to online casinos providing slot games as they have created their own version, cashback, from it. Before, many got rakeback deals through referral links either from friends or at casino forums. Nowadays referrals are not the main way to receive rakebacks. Instead, poker rakeback sites such as have made it much easier for players to compare and find the most suitable rakeback deals for players. Since poker players are more knowledgeable about the rakeback as well as their terms and conditions, the deals have become more reasonable compared to previous years. If you are looking for coming back to the online poker scene, have a look at current online poker providers as well as rakeback offers!

The response from online casinos to the rise of online poker

Online poker has been played mainly on websites focusing solely on it. However, reliable online casinos have found their way to attract some more recreational poker players to their side by providing better live casino games. These games are modified games from traditional poker games like Texas Hold´em with more elements of luck in it. Live casino games have elements of interactivity where players are able to engage with the dealer. Although modified poker games are not targeted towards players who wish to engage in tournaments, they do give a glimpse on how poker games might change in the near future.

What to expect in the next 5 years?

Although online poker is seeing some type of rise in popularity in 2021, many professionals and poker enthusiasts do not expect it to stay so for a long time. There are many reasons for this prediction, the first being that the technologies utilized in online poker are relatively outdated compared to other forms of online gambling. The industry should focus on creating more modern platforms and features to online poker games in order to attract recreational players as those are the most likely to bring profit for them. So far the online poker industry has not invested much in new technologies. If that were to happen, then the rise of online poker could continue for a bit longer.

Something to expect from online poker is gamification. It may sound insane to think that a classic game like poker may need more elements of gaming, but in the online world that seems to be the requirement. Poker games tend to be relatively long meaning that players have to invest time in playing the game. Thus, features and pace of the slot games are likely to be seen in a modified way in poker games. Although this may sound horrendous to those who love poker for what it is, attracting new recreational players is at the core of online poker providers. Fast pace and random features are elements that suit many recreational players.

Lastly, it is expected that the social aspect will become more important in online poker than ever before. There are discussions about players being able to set up private rooms with their friends as well as features that support sharing and commenting games to social media. One common trend in all gaming related things is streaming – streaming poker has been a thing for a while. Especially younger adults do wish to interact and share experiences more than those who started playing poker in the golden age of it.

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