The latest start-up news around the world

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When the world thinks about new businesses and start-ups, Silicon Valley is the first location to come to mind. While this is home to so many exciting developments, it is not the only part of the world that experiences significant changes. As the world continues to boom on and grow, opportunity begins to present itself in some of the most unlikely of spaces.

New technology hubs have begun to pop up across the globe in locations such as Tel Aviv which has become known for cybersecurity expertise and artificial intelligence, London for FinTech developments, Finland for capital investments and Tokyo where corporations love funding new start-ups.

Following this train of thought, we have taken a look at some of the latest start-up news from around the world that illustrates just how much potential exists. With each new LLC Formation, the world is one step closer to a technological revolution.

Asia Pacific

In an effort to support the start-up ecosystem, Huawei has announced its intention to invest US$100 million. They announced this at the inaugural HUAWEI CLOUD Spark Founders Summit. These funds will go to the company’s Spark Program in the Asia Pacific region. The goal is to build a sustainable start-up ecosystem over the next three years. In addition to this, the tech company will also be focusing on developing four additional start-up hubs in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. The aim is to recruit 1000 start-ups into the Spark program and take 100 of these ideas and turn them into scale-ups.

South Africa

InsurTech, one of the biggest insurance firms on the American east coast, has been looking for a mobile app to sell its digital insurance product, Traverse. They discovered South Africa’s peer-to-peer insurer Pineapple and have chosen to use this app to achieve their goal.


Union54 is the first Zambian start-up to attract the attention of the American seed money start-up accelerator, Y Combinator. They are looking to develop Africa’s first card-issuing API. Over 40 African countries have already gone through the process, and this is finally Zambia’s chance to thrive. While the business is still fairly new, it is built off a previous start-up Zazu. The challenger bank needed to create its own cards but would have to wait months for partner banks to issue the cards. This is where Union54 steps in to change things.


Plant-based food has become increasingly popular as of late, and Singapore-based Hoow Foods has used this to their advantage. They have created a vegan egg product that meets their goal of providing sustainable, healthier foods. This also contributes to the country’s goal of producing food to meet 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs. These healthier products are good for the environment while promoting healthier eating habits. By using RE-GENESYS, its Food & Ingredient Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform they can scan ingredients to better understand them and their qualities. This allows Hoow Foods to optimize foods and suggest healthier replacements in record time.


After a round of Series B funding, dental tech start-up Toothsi has been able to raise $20 million. The round of funding was led by the Mankekar Family Office, Think Investments and Eight Roads Ventures. This comes after they were able to raise $5 million in Series A in January of this year.


Instant gratification is something everyone seeks out. Getir is a new online rapid grocery delivery platform that aims to deliver groceries to users within 10 minutes. The upcoming expansion seeks to outpace its competitors. This project has been almost six years in the making and managed to raise almost $1 billion to bring the idea to life.

The takeaway

The biggest thing to consider when it comes to start-ups is that the world is full of opportunities. There are so many exciting ideas out there, and platforms that seek to bring them to life by providing access to funding. We are living in an exciting time for business, where limits are constantly being pushed in an attempt to stay ahead of the competition.

All over the world, new businesses are popping up and disrupting so many industries. It is safe to say that by next year this time, we will be seeing businesses that have never existed before, meeting complex needs, and simplifying lives.

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