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The latest on up and coming tennis player, Ronald Hohmann

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Over the decades’ young tennis players have had to prove themselves as capable athletes competing at a professional level, and over the last few seasons, a number of rising talents have shown enormous potential. One of these emerging up-and-coming young players is Ronald Hohmann, who has been a force to be reckoned with on the court.

His love for tennis: How it all began

Born and raised in the town of Oyster Bay, NY, Ronald also known as Ronnie started hitting the courts when he was four years old, yet even at such a young age he already showed great interest in the sport saying, “I had an instant love for the game”, which is why only a mere two years later he entered and played his first tournament at the age of six. With his familys’ full support Hohmann would train for at least three hours every day, “working so hard to become great”, and through this determined mindset, he made the tough choice to move down to Florida to practice with his coach on a full-time basis at the age of fourteen. He says that “although it was not easy moving away from my family, I knew that it had to be done – it was the best decision I could have made”, and he was right. The following year in 2017 he managed to play and go on to win Eddie Herr, one of the largest, most prestigious International Tennis Tournaments in the world. By claiming the Boys 16s Division title at the prominent IMG Acadamy in Bradenton, Fla., meant that Hohmann went on to defeat three of the draw’s top five seeds – winning one of the biggest titles a junior player can hold.

Rising in popularity

After claiming an international title Ronnie’s career in tennis took flight and he continued to prove himself by winning consecutive national tournaments. By putting himself on the map he was privileged enough to train with some of the best tennis players in the world, which included tennis giant Gael Monfils. Shortly after turning seventeen, Ronnie went on to play and was crowned champion at the Easter Bowl, which is better known as one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the U.S. To bag this title meant that he had to win the qualifier, which entails being the victor of nine consecutive matches – showing that hard work and dedication pay off since he has been the only person to ever accomplish this. Rising in the ranks determined that he would be allowed to compete in the U.S. Open Juniors Tennis Tournament, which will be a gateway to challenging some of the top tennis athletes in the world.

What’s next for Ronald Hohmann?

After the pandemic, Hohmann has his hopes set on getting a higher professional ranking and continuing to prove himself as the next up-and-coming young tennis player. At the end of his high school career, Hohmann graduated as the number 1 recruit in the country and is now currently, starting with college practice again at LSU, where he is ranked the top player in his division. Although his plans for the future have been put on hold, he sees this as the ideal opportunity to fine-tune his skills during his college season of tennis tournaments which runs through January to May this year. During his off-season in the fall, his plans are to train and play more professional tournaments, saying “there’s a tournament in college where if you are a certain ranking, or you rank high enough, you qualify for the tournament. The winner of that tournament then gets to play in the Men’s U.S. Open.” Hohmann hopes to not only go far in this competition, but he has his heart set on winning. With this determined, focused mindset and an equal amount of talent, Ronnie has dreams of becoming an amazing professional tennis player and an overall force to be reckoned with on the court.

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