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The last time I care about anything the NCAA ever does again

Virginia wins the ACC Tournament in four straight, knocking off Clemson, North Carolina and Florida State along the way, climbs to #6 in the unofficial RPI ratings as of the end of the day today, and the Cavs will be traveling next weekend for the first round of NCAA Tournament play next weekend, while Clemson, North Carolina and Florida State, all of whom are rated below the Cavs, and all of whom lost twice in the ACC Tourney in Durham this weekend, will be hosting.

As will Georgia Tech, incidentally, which also lost twice in the ACC Tournament.

Yeah, this makes a lot of sense.

Virginia (43-12) had a 6-3 record against that quartet in 2009, and only one of those games was in Charlottesville, the 15-2 shellacking of FSU on March 13.

The Cavs are going to be in the #6 to #8 range at the worst when the national polls come out tomorrow, and the likes of East Carolina, 42-17 overall, #22 in the RPI, #16 in the USA Today poll last week, bound to be a spot or two more down in the polls this week after getting bounced from the Conference USA Tournament, is for some reason hosting, as is Louisville, 44-15 overall, #18 RPI, #20 in the USA Today, which is hosting by virtue, we’d have to guess, of winning the rugged Big East.

Virginia, mind you, is the champion of the friggin’ ACC, with six teams in the top 12 of the RPI. (Only one other conference has as many as two in the top 12, the SEC.)

Not only was this a no-brainer, it was close to being a no-brainer that Virginia should have been in the running for one of the top eight national seeds that would guarantee hosting rights for the super regionals were the Cavs to win their regional next weekend.

Congratulations, NCAA! Once again you have proven that whatever it is that you do isn’t about competition on the playing field or common sense off it.

I can guarantee that I’m not alone among Virginia fans who feel conflicted – about wanting to watch our team play next weekend, of course assuming that we’ll get to see one of the games emanating from whatever backwater you end up sending us to play in, and not wanting to give you assclowns another dime of our money, ever. Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to take notes during whatever broadcast I can access as to who it is that ends up sponsoring your games and make sure not to patronize them. I’ll eat bread and water and walk everywhere if I have to.

Kiss my ass, NCAA. Seriously. You need a map, send an e-mail, and I’ll make sure you can find me.


– Column by Chris Graham

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