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The key benefits of co-production in Thailand

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From tropical beaches to bustling cityscapes, Thailand offers a multitude of locations for capturing a wide range of scenes. There’s also the added benefit of numerous production companies, highly experienced in national and international film making, offering a vast range of services including co-production in Thailand.

There are many advantages in choosing a company to partner with for co-production in Thailand, for both local and international filmmakers. Let’s take a look at the key benefits and how they may help your decision making for your next production.

Three Reasons to Choose Thailand

Aside from the aforementioned range of locations, there are also a number of legal, logistical and financial reasons to consider Thailand for film co-production:

  1. Foreign Filmmakers Require a Thai Company

In order to even consider filming in Thailand, filmmakers are required to hire a Thai company that is registered with the Thailand Film Office, Office of Tourism Development. This is the only way in which a filming permit can be obtained. By law, the Thai company will also represent the foreign filmmaker during and after the filming process should any legal matters arise.

  1. A Logistical Problem Solver

By opting for a film company for co-production in Thailand, you’ll also overcome a large amount of logistical challenges. Not only will you have a highly experienced crew on-hand, you’ll also have access to state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment. Sets, soundstages and props belonging to co-production companies will further decrease your logistical headaches, with no need to search for suitable locations and permissions to shoot.

  1. Financial Gains

Thailand is one of the most financially viable locations for international filmmaking. Foreign companies are eligible for up to 20 percent rebate, making production highly cost-effective. Moreover, crews, equipment rental and prop hiring are considerably cheaper than some Western counterparts, further adding to the financial gains foreign filmmakers can expect from shooting in Thailand.

Choosing a Company for Co-Production in Thailand

With the above benefits in mind, you may be more keen to learn more about companies in Thailand you can partner up with. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list for you to consider:

  1. The Studio Park

The Studio Park offers a complete range of filmmaking services and facilities. With five sound stages, Thailand’s only water tank (two in fact) and three large backlots, each attached to a beautiful lake. Cast and crew will benefit from modern VIP rooms, canteens, dressing rooms and bathrooms. The Studio Park is also highly experienced in working with foreign filmmakers, with their dedicated Production Service Business Unit ready to assist with co-production, production management, film permits, tax rebates, budget, scheduling and location scouting. All this with the convenience of being only 30 minutes from the airport and roughly an hour from Bangkok city center.

  1. Living Films

The highly decorated Living Films have been operating for 23 years in Thailand’s northern city of Chiang Mai. With over 40 international film productions under their belt, their eclectic team of foreign and Thai nationals bring vast experience in film production in Thailand. Their current services include documentary, feature, commercial and series making.

  1. Benetone Films

With experience in filmmaking from Bollywood to Hollywood, Benetone Films offers numerous production services. Having worked on both local and international productions, they’re familiar with every logistical and legal hurdle a foreign filmmaker may come across and can provide the necessary solutions to ensure your artistic vision is carried through. Their multilingual team is based in Thailand with offices located in the US and Europe.

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