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The journey to becoming an eye doctor

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Sight is one of the most vital senses we humans possess. It allows us to perceive our surroundings for us to perform our everyday activities. Due to its importance, when our eyesight is affected by one or more illnesses, we seek immediate medication right away. The medical professionals that are licensed to provide consultation and prescribe a solution for such illnesses in the eyes are known as Optometrists. With the intricacy of human sight, however, obtaining such a profession is no easy task. For those interested in pursuing a field in Optometry, here are the steps one must take to achieve such a goal.

In terms of education, eye doctor colorado springs must first obtain a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on biological or pre-medical sciences. Such a degree will help him be more focused on the field of medicine and be more pronounced into the sciences involved. Degree programs that are encouraged to be taken must include courses in biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. After getting a bachelor’s degree, they must also go through three years of post-secondary education that also focuses on the sciences mentioned.

Upon completing their bachelor’s and post-secondary education, they can now take an examination to get into an Optometry school. When choosing an Optometry school, students can consider the school’s curriculum, training opportunities, passing rate in the board exam, and facilities. These institutions provide a comprehensive exam known as the Optometry Admission Test (OAT) to screen applicants. This exam comprises of topics involving science, physics, and quantitative reasoning.

Since aspiring Optometrists will be responsible for the examination and treatment of eye conditions, they must be knowledgeable with all the disciplines involved in optics. With that, they must be enrolled in a specialized doctorate program designed specifically for Optometrists. Successful applicants will be granted access to the four-year Doctor of Optometry (O.D) program. Such a program is carefully designed to equip its students with the complete knowledge in all sciences involved in the human body’s optical system. Students are expected to learn the physiology and anatomy of the human eye and all systems involved in the process of sight. They will also learn visual science, optics, and the various diagnosis and treatment procedures involved in eye disorders.

Students that will attain their doctoral degrees can now proceed to apply for a License to practice Optometry which will require a passing score in the National Optometry Board Exam. Depending on the state you are applying for, the type of Licensure examination may vary. Some states may even require an additional clinical exam or an exam in Law on top of the Optometry exam. The board examination will cover all disciplines in Optometry along with additional topics including Laws involved in medicine, health sciences, and Mathematics.

Examinees that will pass their State’s corresponding board exam can now obtain their license and perform the duties of an Optometrist. This involves the diagnosis and prescription of treatment for the various diseases and conditions that may affect the eye.

For those seeing great opportunities in the field of Optometry, carefully go through the steps enumerated above to obtain the needed License for you to start your practice in the field.

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