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The important rules of SBOBET

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SBOBET is one of the leading sport betting sites. It has more than 300 games you can bet on. However, to be successful with SBOBET, like with any sports betting site, you need to understand and follow some basic rules.

Let’s explore some of the most important SBOBET rules:

Betting Types

SBOBET offers several types of betting. Understanding these betting types means you can place the right bets that work best for you.

  • 1×2 betting – In this type of betting, you’re free to choose a home win, draw, or away win. SBOBET will settle the bet at the end of the playtime. The bet doesn’t include extra time or penalties.
  • Double chance – In double chance betting, you’ll have similar arrangements to that of 1×2 betting. However, you can choose two of the three possible outcomes of the bet. That means the home win, away win, or a draw.
  • Full and halftime – This betting type involves placing bets on the halftime or fulltime of a match. SBOBET will nullify the bet if the game plays within the defined time.
  • Asian handicap – This style of betting involves placing a deficit on the team with a higher chance of winning, giving a head start to the team that is less likely to win.

For example, in the case of soccer, the bookmarker will issue a goal deficit to the team that is more likely to win. The other team will start the game. The handicaps are normally expressed in terms of goals.

For you to win, you’ll place a bet on the handicap team to overcome the handicap. You won’t bet on the winning.

  • Mix parlay – In mix parlay, the bookmaker mixes the best of different matches. The mixing bet is valid only if the result doesn’t affect the outcome of the other bet. Otherwise, the bookmaker cancels the bets.
  • Money line – This style involves placing a bet on the outcome of the match that’s combined with two competitors. In the case of a draw, the bookmaker will refund all the bets at the odds of 1.

Allowed Betting Method

SBOBET only takes game bets that you place online. They don’t allow any other betting methods, such as telephone betting.

The Use of Games

SBOBET is strict about the games’ use. According to the operator, you can only use the games on the platform for personal entertainment.

It’s illegal to use their games and other related elements like text and graphics in other ways. Other utilization of their game products will be a direct violation of SBOBET’s proprietorship.

Interpretation of Rules

If there’s a misinterpretation of any rule during the games, the operator’s interpretation shall persist.

Final Thoughts

SBOBET is a great online gaming platform. It gives gambling enthusiasts access to a wide range of games, including sports betting.

Like any other gambling platform, SBOBET has rules in place to ensure fairness and great playing experience for their customers. Before you start playing on this platform, make sure you acquaint yourself with the basic rules.

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