The importance of social networking for your business

social networking
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When it comes to digital marketing, social networks are among the fundamental tools of an effective strategy.

And not for less: according to data collected by Emarketer, more than 2.5 billion people are connected to networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This number only proves the importance of promoting your business in social networks from content that stimulates interactions and sharing. By engaging your business in these channels, you can capture new customers and conquer new markets by increasing not only the number of sales but also your authority to the competition. Of course for expected results, hiring a social media agency like Kontentino is recommended.

Follow the next information and find out why your company should invest in social networks:


One of the most basic reasons to bet on social networks is visibility. With content driven, you’ll reach thousands of people who might be interested in your product or service. And this in a simple, fast and segmented way, since most social networks allow to customize the audience to be reached according to their location, age and preferences.


If your business is becoming visible on social networks and reaching potential customers, the most likely result is more sales. This is a natural consequence of using social networking, since the online public is already accustomed to request budgets and even make a purchase through social networks. And it is foolish to think that sales are limited to only physical products. In fact, these channels allow to disseminate online courses, consultancies, advisories, among other services. Whatever the segment of your business, you can increase sales from a smart social media strategy.


Having a page on social networks is a way to strengthen relationships with the public and participate in the daily lives of its consumers. It is also a way of knowing the particularities of their clients, identifying their needs, habits, desires, behaviors and opinions. With this knowledge, you can discover which features of your product or service can be improved to meet the public’s expectations. Information can also be used to tailor content strategies and create a more conducive environment for direct dialogue.


Social networks are a fertile ground for entertainment and humor. When publishing content with curious, exciting or funny themes, it is very likely that they will be disseminated more quickly. An example of this are the famous “memes” that are shared thousands of times and generate several heated comments. Companies that harness the power of these viral content can quickly expand their reach to reach new people and gain new leads.


It is not news that social networks are great channels to generate engagement between public and brand. However, they can also serve as a “gateway” to support your e-commerce activities.

By posting content with links or buttons that point to your site, you can increase visitor traffic and hence conversion rates. In addition, business profiles in social networks allow you to put the site address in the basic contact information, so that followers can access it more easily.

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