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The importance of leadership in entrepreneurship, Mahan Teymouri shares

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Strong leaders can help an organization maximize productivity and achieve business goals. Weak leadership can put the health of the business in jeopardy. One must bear in mind that leadership is not a blanket characteristic that can cure all business ailments, however there are many different elements that must be present for leadership to be considered effective.

In a recent virtual conference co-hosted by top Iranian entrepreneur, Mahan Teymouri and New York Times Best Selling Author, Darren Hardy, pertinent leadership issues were addressed. The conference addressed vital issues of mentality, personality and skill in management and leadership. Sharing his 30-month research on management strategies, Mr. Teymouri sought to empower both leaders and the audience to achieve success. Having worked in the field of financial and economic education in Iran for years, Mahan Teymouri is well versed in the topic.

Drawing valuable lessons from the conference, there are many effective and ineffective leadership styles. To rate the leadership capabilities of managers in an organization, it is important to consider how managers approach the following:

Motivating employees and providing guidance

Leaders need to motivate employees to work hard and meet organizational needs. Some leaders inspire their employees to work hard, while other managers may instill in employees a fear for consequences. Both methods can drive motivation and one may work better than the other, depending on the manager’s style and company culture.

Being able to provide meaningful guidance and advice for employees is an important trait for leaders to have. Managers should be able to show employees how to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. Leaders should be able to provide support in order for employees to grow and develop.

Initiating action

Without a clearly defined plan to achieve business goals and good communication between relevant parties, an organization runs the risk of failing no matter how strong the other aspects of managerial leadership are. Therefore it is critical that leaders initiate action by planning which parties will perform what tasks, when the tasks will be completed and by what means goals should be accomplished.

Building morale and coordinating needs

Good leaders drive productivity by creating a positive environment that encourages productivity and builds confidence in employees. When employees are stressed or distracted, job performance and job satisfaction will invariably suffer. Building morale helps to improve employee retention, increases job satisfaction and could favorably impact the bottom line.

One of the most important tasks every manager faces is to align employee needs and organizational needs. Employee talents, interests and scheduling needs can benefit or detract from an organization, depending on how well the manager aligns these elements with organizational needs and goals.


This is a double-edged sword as it is possible for a leader to delegate too much or too little. Strong leaders know which tasks are better suited for delegation and what should be handled by themselves in order to ensure the organization is as productive as possible. Adequate delegation helps maintain employee satisfaction, as employees may become resentful of a manager that delegates too much. Conversely a leader that delegates too little may be taken advantage of. Finding the right balance is crucial.

Who is Mahan Teymouri?

Born on the 16th of June, 1991, Mahan Teymouri is recognized as a top manager and entrepreneur by several prestigious Iranian publications. Having published more than 30 books in the field of business management, Mr. Teymouri is well versed in the art of leadership, management and education and has spent many years of life educating the people of the Middle East for free.

The founder of Financial Intelligence has seen more than 7 million people take his financial intelligence courses and to date, Mr. Teymouri is the owner of one of the largest educational holdings in Iran. Over the years Mahan Teymouri produced more than 1,000 hours of free financial content, with the goal of helping people achieve financial freedom. He is currently the founder of Business Coaching in Iran and remains continuously active in this field.

In closing

While it may be easy to have employees obey someone who is their superior in the chain of command, the key lies with those who can get other people to share their vision and follow them. Leadership is essentially the ability to influence others with or without authority. These valuable lessons are what Mr. Teymouri strives to teach leaders and managers.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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