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The iGaming events to add to your calendar

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Every person in the iGaming industry will tell you that attending a conference or two annually, is beneficial. Technically it is a must. There are many people and employees attending a gaming conference. Some are there just to check out the competition, sell their own brand and also seek to steal some ideas here and there on their next innovative product. Others are there to check out what casinos are doing what, and at the end of the day, promote the sites, and make a buck along the way.

Meeting Industry Professionals – Via Gaming conferences one can meet new industry professionals. This is where new partnership deals are made.

Learning About New Technologies – If interested in learning about flaming new tech trends before everyone else does, iGaming events are the place to be really.

Industry Advancement – What better way for one to learn about what will be hot and what will be not next year in the gaming sphere. Let the next igaming conference tell you all about that.

Thinking about attending your next iGaming conference? Here’s what should be in your iGaming calendar and to do list for the next year.

IGB Affiliate Lisbon – Portugal

This conference takes place during the month of October, after everyone has cooled off from the summer holidays. If you have a casino, you would want to attend IGB Lisbon. This trade show is all about promoting your brand to affiliates, who will then go back home and promote you to players. Apart from this, operators will also display their new and innovative games and this is where the casino would acquire the knowledge of what to add next to their site. IGB Affiliate Lisbon connects affiliates, operators and casinos. The result? Glorious playgrounds for everyone to binge on.

International Gambling Conference Auckland – New Zealand

Although a bit out of the way for the European gambling market, IGC is quite a popular conference. The main topic here is not marketing, harmful and addictive gambling is on the agenda and gambling executives from across the globe aim to attend this once every 2 years event. Apart from this being a team building exercise, IGC also offers immersive workshops and even healthy debates. You can also expect to meet representatives of well-known Affiliate sites from the best Australian online casinos.

Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference – Georgia

Also happening in October annually is the Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference. The conference tackles gaming from both an online and offline perspective. Presentations, workshops and also meetings happen here. Some affiliates attend to strike a deal, to learn more about the industry, and finally to learn about the chart-topping sites and products. Operators attend to market their product further, expand the brand and shake hands with new business partners.

ICE London Affiliate Conference – London, England

Deemed as one of the biggest iGaming events annually, ICE London takes place in February. The week long event hosts 2 events gelled into 1. Operators will market their brand, learn about what the competition is doing next and take notes to take home to their respective developers. The London Affiliate Conference is just like the Lisbon and Georgia events but on a much bigger scale. If you have a casino, you just cannot skip ICE London. The same applies if you are an affiliate seeking to promote new or established brands. ICE London is not just a European affair. The Asian market will be there, the LATAM affiliates will be there, and so will be American ones. If you are looking to promote a global brand and also take your strategy worldwide, ICE London is the place to be.

RES Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada

Although not regarded as a global or an international affair, the RES Conference is a yearly event to consider. It is organized by the National Centre for American Enterprise Development and aims to bring top country officials together. The conference serves also as a brand growth platform.

Now that you’re aware of some of the biggest iGaming conferences globally, take your pick, get your vibe going and get ready to be wowed.