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The hottest swimwear for summer 2021

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Summer 2021 isn’t predicted to pan out as summers in the years before. With the novel coronavirus on the rise and governments introducing and implementing strict social distancing guidelines, spring break doesn’t sound as fun this year. However, that isn’t to say that a non-traditional spring break can’t be fun.

You can still go out to the beach to sunbathe, play volleyball with your friends, and hang out at bars – albeit with more precaution. Just because times are different doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be gloomy.

With that being said, it’s time to start prepping for your swimsuit fit for 2021. You can find several of these designs on Aurelle Swimwear.

Animal prints

Animal prints were all the rage back in the late 90s and early 00s. It was impossible to go out and not see at least one person donning something cheetah. With time, people shifted to other prints, and animal prints became a relic of the past.

However, these prints have been making a comeback for quite a while now. Initially, designers were teased with the idea of animal prints. Now, however, more and more prints are being introduced every fashion week. This time these prints aren’t restricted to a few cheetah or zebra prints.

Animal prints for swimwear follow much of the same pattern – literally! These patterns go from faux cheetah and zebra skin to tigers and leopard mimicking ones. You can buy them in matching separates, contrasting separates, or one-piece suits.


Cutouts have been popular for quite some time now. You can find multiple people flaunting various cut-out swimsuits, but these cutouts are usually similar. For example, most designs would have cutouts at the side of the swimsuit.

2021 is all about wearing something flattering and comfortable. The best cutout for that would be a keyhole cutout. These swimsuits have cutouts towards the front of the suit. Usually, in separates, the bikini top has a keyhole cutout right at its center.

These cutouts are a lot less maintenance and worry than side cutouts. Plus, they look a whole lot more adorable!

Upside down bikinis

Upside down, bikinis used to be fun TikTok hacks – something a few people discovered by accident and then advocated for because they looked a whole lot cuter. Eventually, celebrities picked up on the trend, and it gained more momentum. So much, so that swimsuit labels began manufacturing them as part of their collection.

The upside-down bikini is an inverted triangle bikini with multiple colors, shapes, and designs. They’re easier to tie together and arguably look better.

Comfortable fabrics

What separates bikinis from loungewear apparel? The comfort of the latter. However, who’s to say bikinis can’t be just as comfortable. Another 2021 trend is being as comfortable as you can in everything that you wear. This includes wearing a bikini made out of soft cotton or even terry cloth.


Just because times are different doesn’t mean they have to be bad. Travel restrictions are being uplifted in several countries and states, giving people hope that they won’t be missing out on summer 2021 after all.

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