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The high road

Fear and Loathing in Waynesboro column by Chris Graham

How about the sudden about-face of our would-be mayor?

“I don’t see any need to air out our discrepancies and our differences. Kind of give Mr. Walker respect,” Tim Williams said in a voicemail message to the News Leader that was reported in that paper’s Thursday-morning edition.

So now he wants to give the city manager that he fired without cause respect now. Interesting concept after what he had to say to the News Virginian a couple of days ago.

“Walker gets what he wants and manipulates council. And then he did what he wanted – passed resolutions – stated we wouldn’t cut his pay out and honor the terms of his contract, and then Nancy, with her script, rips Frank and then Tom joins in. It’s just modes of operation for them. Everything was scripted, everything was prepared. That is why we did what we had to do.”

Williams also told the NV that he hopes the city can get “a true man and a true leader that will not divide our city and will work for all of city council. That’s what we need is true leadership.”

A day later, Williams was singing a different tune to the Leader.

“As far as airing out any of the dirty laundry, I’d just (as) soon not do that,” Williams told the Leader. “I’d rather take the high road.”

There’s a first time for everything …

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